The silent MAJORITY has spoken!

browned out

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Now can the very vocal MINORITY shut up and go back to work?

I'm sick of hearing how much smarter y'all are.

Come back in five years if you still have a job and tell us how this affected your center or hub. If this vague language doesn't lead to firings and people start getting double time for over 9 5 problems and double time for sups working; I'll be right here saying it worked.


You smell that?
When have I ever said I was smarter than anyone else?

I just read the contract and saw the glaring issues that were there.


Tis not who laughs loudest but who laughs last.
Look back in 2, 3, or 5 years and see how this contract has served UPS compared to hourlys.

I would think its been pretty good. Say what you want but you guys picked up a lot of full time jobs with all the lane enhancements creating all the sleeper jobs. I can honestly say we have used less contractors during the regular year then I have ever seen before. I see many part timers going into full time jobs after only one or two years.

Negatives would definitely be the pension. I'm sure the stock market had something to do with it. So while that issue has been painfull the last 5 years I think the changes that result will force many pension plans to do a better job in the future.