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    Hey Teamsters,

    What is your problem with having to charge to use your site? This site manages to stay free, yet you insist on a "donation" in order to participate on yours. No wonder there isn't much participation over there.

    At a larger level, this is indicative of how the Teamsters have blown it over the years by pulling stunts like this. If you actually want to win the RLA fight, why don't you get a clue and make the site FREE (like this one). I won't post there as a matter of principle, nor will others.

    No wonder there is so much confusion out there among employees. Information that would help the cause never gets out there because you're trying to make a buck off potential dues-paying members. Not too smart.
  2. bbsam

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    it's nice to finally be able to agree with you on something. can i get you a glass of kool-aid--it's purple!:happy-very:
  3. Broke

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    The Teamsters have nothing to do with fedexaminer as far as I know.
  4. MrFedEx

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    I'm pretty sure they run the site. There are several. One is run by lawyers looking for class action work, and the other is sponsored by the IBT. It's possible I've got them criss-crossed, but I don't think so.
  5. scratch

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    The IBT doesn't run that site. They don't run ads, so thats why they want to charge people to pay for server space. I used to post over there, but I've been blocked from the forums since they started asking for "donations". Thats why they only had two members and seven guests browsing on it the last time I looked. The administrator never replied to a email I sent him regarding this, and they won't reset my password.
  6. SmithBarney

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    I only read the forums there, I won't pay.

    Oddly enough whoever owns the site and domain, don't want to be found.
    they use "Domains by Proxy, Inc." which basically makes it very tough to find out who
    owns the site and or domain.

    Actually it wasn't as hard as I thought.
    Just a lawyer in CA that owns(possibly runs) the domain.
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  7. MrFedEx

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    My bad. I was told they run it. It must be the one run by the attorneys then, which explains the "donation". I have also stopped posting there since the "donations" began. Thanks for correcting me.
  8. scratch

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  9. Ricochet1a

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    He was working workers' comp cases, and was using the site as a method of trolling for potential cases. He states on his main page that he is now working as a judge on the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. Guess he wasn't too successful in getting revenue from workers' comp claims and decided a steady salary was better???
  10. MrFedEx

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    That makes sense. When I did used to post there, one of the guys I'd talk with was the courier who initiated the age discrimination suit that went to the Supreme Court to see if the case could be brought against FedEx. Interesting guy, but I wonder if he was working with that same attorney to get others to also sue Fred.
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    bbsam, good-one. Can we all share in the kool-aid, it tastes great!
  12. Ricochet1a

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    Most likely so. Every good attorney is looking to get a class action determination. Taking a single claim of wrong doing to court isn't cost effective. Getting enough plaintiffs organzied and obtaining class action status is a big pay day in the event of a settlement. I think that by having the site, the attorney thought he'd have a method of collecting clients to present for class action status. Looks like it didn't work.
  13. scratch

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    I finally got back in the forums, they sent me a new password to get back on. I posted something about the bill coming up for a vote in the Senate.
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    Any flavor is OK...except orange or grape.
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    lime green ground, perhaps? :happy2: really though, it is nice to have you playing along.
  16. FedExaminer

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    Gentlemen, this is the owner of FedExaminer responding to your chat.

    You really need to think before you throw out information as fact which lacks a basis in fact.

    Yes, I did have a FedEx employee as one of my Workers' Compensation clients, and based upon his ongoing experiences at that company, I started the website to enable employees to exchange information ... the story stops there.

    There was no intention of "trolling" for clientele at any time, and I never solicited anyone who posted on the site at any time from the date it was created. Also, as to the courier you believe to have initiated an age discrimniation suit, I never had anything to do with any case in which he may have been involved, so I am unclear as to the basis for such assertions.

    The only reason for the requested donation, is, as was surmised by one of your other members, to subsidize the site's operation because the site is not about advertising, and from time to time, in addition to items which include the cost of hosting fees, domain registration, site maintenance and upgrades, funds are needed. Not one dime has been used for anything other than the furtherance of the site's interests.

    With respect to concealing my identity, it appears that one of your members debunked that assertion, having confirmed that I am the owner. My website developer pointed out that having my residence address listed was not a particularly intelligent action, so he made the appropriate changes.

    I did close my practice to become a judge with the State of California, but the reasons for my decision were not as simplistic as you noted. Severing ties with my clientele was a difficult decision because many became my friends. Further, when the opportunity to transition presented itself, it took nearly two and one-half years before I was formally given an offer to become a judge, and contrary to your belief, I took a cut in pay to do so.

    As far as not responding to inquiries, if one was submitted to which a response was not given, please follow up again, though I cannot supply a timeframe within which a reply will be given. However, if the reason for the lack of reply was that an had been banned from the site for reasons such as abusive postings, while I cannot say that was the case of the person who made the comment, such may provide an explanation why a response was not provided.

    I sincerely, wish all of you the best of luck in the furtherance of justice, equality and fair treatment in the workplace, and hope that Brown Cafe continues to aid its membership to facilitate that goal.
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    WOW....almost 3 years for a response. :didimiss: