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    The FAA is right on top of things too, I see. How many years has it been since the last 727 was parked?
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    Message from management to maintenance : Please do a thorough inspection of all of our DC7's and Lockheed Super Constellations immediately following the completion of our ongoing conversion of our recently acguired fleet of B24"s.
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    It's been a few years, but I imagine FedEx has been fighting every step of the way. About the time of these violations, there were a group of aircraft mechanics at LAX also alleging improper repairs and/or repairs not performed.

    When I was a ramp agent, I saw more than a flights leave that were overweight or had issues that the pilots decided not to write-up so the flight would leave on-time. Remember paper weight and balances? Easily misunderstood and fudged or altered by crews that knew the aircraft would be within a safe "envelope". The repair in question would never be ignored by a pilot.