they are cancelling my shift!!

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  1. sickboy

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    ive been working at ups for 2 years and i was informed that my shift will be cancelled in sept.1 it is the sunrise shift in my hub which works from 2-6 a.m. the shift had barely been started about three months since i started working there. I put in my paperwork to transfer to another shift but i'm not sure if i will be transferred. what are my rights regarding being in the union, because the union over here doesnt give a crap about p/t especially those in my shift
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    Need more info on where you are to answer your questions, Sickboy. Such as: at least what state you're in, etc. Shutting down a Sunrise Sort is extraordinarily rare because that's the shift responsible for loading the local delivery cars.

    UPS will transfer you. Problem is, it might not be where you want to go. They might send you to another building entirely, for example. They may lay you off until an opening exists--either in your building OR in a new one. I'm not a contract expert. 705Red, maybe you can help this gentleman? I've never been in the position of needing to know the information he's looking for. -Rocky
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    Maybe the sunrise sort is a hub operation that runs concurrently with the preload? I cant see how they could get rid of a preload.

    Anyway, it probably varies by location, but i cant see how you would not get a job on another shift. 2 years, you're not getting laid off. If anyone gets laid off its someone you're bumping. Furthermore, i doubt there would be a mass layoff. The work handled by that shift won't magically go away, maybe it's going to another building, or one of the other sorts. Depending on your local union agreement, you may have the right to "follow your work"
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    His building is a hub and doesnt have have a pkg center at all, hence the sunrise and not "preload". They will offer you a spot on all other shifts and they will do it by seniority. If you are in the building I think youre in, then that wont be a problem because that shift has only been around for about 2.5 yrs. Your 2yrs of seniority will put you right up there on top. You will be able to swtich shifts and im pretty sure there will be plenty of work available for you to avoid being laid off. Talk to your HR rep and they will give you more info on it. Oh and by the way, the union in your district (if its the one i think youre in) does give a crap about you. They just found out about this too...They will provide some additional guidance...
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    toeknee2gx is correct about my building not having a package center. it's located in Vernon, ca. And the reason that i say the union doesn't give a crap is because thats what it seems like. Our shift is always getting screwed with and the union never seems to be around to help us out and tell us our rights. heck on 4th of july week they laid the entire shift off for the entire week and used that as an excuse to not even pay us the holiday.
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    You should take the initiative and learn your rights. And when you are getting F'd over go tell someone at the union. I'm sure someone there would be more than happy to help you.

    I wish you good luck with getting a new position on another shift.
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    Wait a minute. Is there a hub seniority list? And I am not talking about a sunrise seniority list. If there is a hub seniority list and your name is not at the bottom, then when you got "laid off" you should have been able to bump someone on another shift. This happened to me when I first started and didn't know any better. I was "laid off" for two weeks until I finally called the union. I got my job back, but a different shift.
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    I thought you got the holiday if you worked enough days in the month. (I'm in California too - South San Francisco - so I assume we've got the same Supplement.) Our hub has been put on layoff between XMas and New Year on occasion, but they've never tried to get out of paying for the holidays by including them in the layoff period.
  9. scratch

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    What exactly does a Sunrise Sort do? I have never heard of any such shift. We don't have any Hubs in my area that don't also have Package Centers in them. As far as your job goes, with two years seniority, you should be able to get a job on another shift. Back when I was part-time, we were able to bid and change shifts in my Hub. Good luck to you.
  10. AznDiablo

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    Grande Vista located in Vernon, Ca is only a hub and doesn't have a package center attached to it. Sunrise is like any other shift twilight/night/day. Local 396 seems like they do care about people.
  11. toeknee2gx

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    yep...its a fairly new shift and it was only supposed to supplement a small amount of volume. But volume is down so they are going to consilidate it. Sickboy, I understand your concern but im almost 100% sure you will be able to find a position on another shift..
  12. UPS Lifer

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    I am very familiar with the Sunrise sort and mgmt teams in GV. The GV hub is a consolidation hub for (mostly) cross country TOFC volume and drop ship volume coming into Southern Cal. It was created two years ago to relieve the night sort and the Cerritos Hub. It limits the amount of pulls and pre-charges volume for the Day sort operation. The GV hub feeds all of the Southern California preloads either through direct or consolidated loads. The GV hub is also the ground consolidation hub for Hawaii and Alaska volume.

    Historically UPS experiences the lowest volume of the year in the month of July. It starts to build back to near normal levels at the end of the month. However, I have heard that the volume has been down in the SEC district and there has been a layoff situation.

    Also the 396 union cares about their employees and so does the district.
    An employee that has been laid off during the week of July 4th is not entitled to holiday pay - (you must show earnings posted that week).

    Laid off employees will be called back in seniority order to fill other openings in the hub. I am fairly sure that these conditions are temporary
    and even if the sort is not implemented soon - my guess is it will be by October. BUT - there will more than likely be openings in the hub prior to that time. Good Luck!