they don't want me any more

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by buzzy100, May 26, 2008.

  1. buzzy100

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    I was injured in Oct of 06 I have nerve damage and I am not getting better. UPS doesn't want me any more after 32 years. They want to buy me out, has this happened to any one how much should I ask for? should I get a lawyer?
  2. Rantmuse

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    Absolutely, get a lawyer.
  3. scratch

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    I would have got a lawyer in Oct., 2006 if I was injured that bad. I don't know what a reasonable price for a buyout is. buzzy100, you stated you had 32 years in but left your age out. How long will it before you get a Pension? And what about Disability?
  4. BrownShark

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    your question is rediculous.

    Do you really need employees on a blog to tell you to contact a lawyer?

    After 32 years, which I am assuming your counting the time from your 06 departure, why not just retire?

    Depending on the state your in, you should have already contacted a lawyer and discussed permanent disablility.

    Listen, the company has a decision to make, after 32 years and a serious injury (as i am assuming it is), a nerve injury isnt something that heals properly, you should be concerned with your future financially and this you have to discuss with a lawyer, not bloggers.

    I wish you luck and better health, but take your advice from professionals.

  5. speeddemon

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    Get a lawyer, and get one that specializes in dealing with big corporations. Look at thier track record on cases won.