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    So I started with this company not too long ago. Same ol same ol, save a few things here and there.

    I'm still learning about all of the programs, applications, processes - things I never had a clue about before this position with the company... yet I'll speak with people who've been with the company for years - asking me questions.... based on the lack of common sense. Now... I've learned with my years at my previous job, that in order to communicate with people - you need to pretend you're teaching a child something important, like a life lesson - speak slowly, clearly, repeating yourself often. This technique has proven to work blessedly but the downfall is that it's ungodly time consuming... on top of the fact that I'm talking to people, many of them twice my age, that just don't seem to listen. They are quick to snap and annoy and make your life as miserable as their day has been going thus far.

    -If my joining this forum could accomplish anything, it's this....
    *you're talking to a fellow employee
    *you called US for help
    *try to listen instead of speaking - you only need to state the problem once
    *if we ask a question, answer it - we don't need your life story
    *PLEASE please please know what issue you're calling about - I can't tell you all how many times people call for help but they can't state what they need help with, it's not that they don't know - they don't try.... NO ONE TRIES! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!
    *walking someone through a process - that's clearly spelled out before them and responding with "yeah I should click that? right there?" or "what do I do now?" is back to that aforementioned common sense THING... you learn if you TRY to think for yourself instead of having someone hold your hand each and every time
    *we know the applications/sites have their flaws; we know that corporate has their flaws too, do NOT yell and scream AT us about it - we aren't lying to you when we give you an answer, so don't accuse us of doing so. We'd love for nothing more than to solve your issue so we never have to hear you complain again! But unfortunately, that's not always possible, deal with it, we do our best to get your issue resolved.
    *AND FINALLY we know where you work, we know who your supervisor is - and yes, we can get you in trouble, we've done so before... so don't poke the bears at the zoo! :peaceful:
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    What are you talking about?
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    I think I've learned something: you have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
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    I am guessing that he works for Technical Support in Las Vegas helping salaried employees fix computer problems over the phone.

    I volunteer for a non-profit in which I am a Program Director for a team building program called "Project COPE". One of the main skills we try to teach people is effective communication. People often don't get to the point when having a problem, I think that is what LV_TSC is getting at.
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    Scratch, that may be where is trying to go but he is certainly taking the long road in getting there. Clarity is a wonderful thing and perhaps LV needs to learn to make himself more clear to others, whether in his writtten or oral communications, because I consider myself to be well-read and I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about.
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    I agree with that assessment, UpstateNYUPSer. One of the techniques to public speaking that I have been taught is to "KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE". Most of the people on this Forum don't ever pick up the phone at work to ask for tech support to fix a computer.
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    Unfortunately I have had to call tech support for my router (Linksys) and each time the person on the other had a distinct Indian (not Native American) accent and what should have been a 5 minute phone call ended up being almost 15 because I really had a hard time understanding the tech and he had a hard time understanding me.
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    What is it that you do at UPS ????
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    besides confuse people:peaceful:
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    That's me 95% of the time:happy2:
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    I'm up to 96 % now Rod....I feel like I know it all now! :)
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    Maybe this is LV_TCS....

    [​IMG]But then again I'm not sure!!!
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    Kenmei?? Did you change names?
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    No, this is the guy who has the taper position kenmei wants.
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    Original post at 1:33am. Posting under the influence would be my guess.

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    oh but posting under the influence is when the true feelings come out:peaceful:
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    Must be asleep...Still hasn't responded! (I CANT WAIT TILL HE/SHE WAKES UP!!)
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    Who are you and why you are ranting here? I think Dr. Phil has a 1-800 #


    I believe this person is a disgrunted, underpaid TSG grunt.

    I feel bad for you, I was making 60k/year in 2002 doing computer work and I know how you feel as far as holding hands and trying to baby some old-timer through a process.

    If the case is you're a TSG runt, you're not going to gain any satisfaction here!