Think twice before you help them implement ORION

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    The ORION implementation team started installing ORION in my building early this year, and had it "wrapped up" by August. As part of the implementation process, the bid driver is encouraged to cooperate with the team by explaining the way he normally runs the route and suggesting ways to set up an optimum trace for his area. There are a couple of ride alongs where the ORION guy inputs GPS data into a tablet, and then more fine-tuning can be done when needed.

    Here's the problem. Once ORION is up and running....Corporate will then demand that the entire center follow ORION to some ridiculous and unattainable percentage, regardless of whether it makes sense to do so or not. Discipline will be threatened and warning letters will be issued to drivers who fail to generate the demanded metric each day.

    In other words....the company wants our experience and area knowledge and professional judgement to help them install the system, only to turn right around and threaten us with discipline when we use that same experience and area knowledge and professional judgement to decide that the ORION solution may not be the best choice on a particular day!

    I would suggest to anyone whose center is about to have ORION installed....that they think long and hard before volunteering their services to the implementation team. Be aware that your reward for "going the extra mile" to help them install the ORION on your route may very well be harassment and warning letters for failing to generate whatever arbitrary compliance metric that some genius in Atlanta pulls out of his ass and assigns to your center. What do you have to gain by helping them weld up the bars to your own jail cell?
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    If they have some cover driver stand in for you, won't they do the same thing? Is it not just inevitable that the way they will implement Orion, will be exactly the same as for any other program, with sky high expectations and an unwillingness to accommodate common sense in the equation? I mean, we can simply not cooperate fully, but where will that leave us? Won't they still assume it's all just wonderful and perfect and attempt to hold us accountable regardless?
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    Good thoughts but it's far too late, now.
  4. cachsux

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    I agree with Sober but I can also draw from the expieriance of having mgmt ask for drivers advice on so many things that they will just go ahead and f-up anyway.
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    It really doesn't matter. I will run the route anyway they want me to. If they want to pay me to drive back and forth then so be it. In that case they are paying me more money to do less work (when I can't complete all deliveries).
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    That's a bit over the top, don't you think?

    ORION will be implemented whether the bid drivers work with the team or not.

    ORION is not going anywhere.

    There is no truth to the rumor that ORION was designed by the same firm that designed the Obamacare website.

    I worked with the team that set up PAS/EDD. I spent personal time making sure my DOL was set up as close to stop for stop as possible. My DOL was less than 5% off trace. This made my personal transition to PAS/EDD much easier and smoother than my co-workers who couldn't be bothered. Everything was great until my mgt team started "fine-tuning" it with add/cuts----there are now at least 7 plans, none of which are the same, and I have no idea how my pkg car will be set up from day to day.

    Unlike many on this forum, I will keep an open mind in regard to ORION. There is no planned implementation date in my center.
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    Orion could benefit everyone if they put the time into fixing it.
  8. Wally

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    We get paid by the hour, right? If it is a huge cluster, it will be gone.
  9. The Orion team didn't talk to me once before implementing Orion on my route. I've had it for two weeks and really don't follow it. It gives me a head ache trying to figure how they came up with this trace. We'll see.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I probably agree with Soberups 99% of the time
    This isn't one of them

    ‚ÄčI too have been [-]given[/-] forced on Orion
    Like Upstate, I have also walked in with an open mind
    I follow my EDD trace every day the same way, ORION will drop an Atom Bomb on it

    The only saving grace you have is to work with that Orion sup and give your input
    Examples- I deliver this place with my air everyday, I will not cross the street here to deliver, I have to deliver this school before 3pm, ORION has me doing this area backwards I need to go up the even side then go down the odd etc.

    If you give no input, they will forcefeed the Optimized ORION mile trace and you will be miserable.
    At least if you say something and nothing is changed, THAT IS YOUR GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD when they force discipline on you

    I ran my EDD trace this week because of a blown out car, I was at 75% ORION and still cut my usual miles
    I'm usually around 150 stops, that means I can break trace 22 TIMES and still get their 85%
    My suggestion is to give AS MUCH input as possible !!!
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    Will work as directed, I don't get paid to design programs. I'm a soldier in the brown army to assist in the battle of cardboard supremacy against any and all who oppose us.
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    I don't chime in a lot but here's my 2 cents. I went from punching out at 18:30 to 20:00 and later. Last week my center manager told me to go back to do it my way. By the way, I ran orion 100% everyday. I have 20 years here and just work as instructed. It makes my job very easy.
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    Time well spent.
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    If Orion is more efficient I will run it their way. If I'm more efficient I will run it my way. I'm brownmonster.
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    I'll follow it which ever way they set it up. A wise man once told me that I'm a subordinate at ups. When edd came out I followed it to the t. Following this will make me a lot of money also. Who cares when and where you get to anywhere as long as your safe doing it. Another wise man once told me I'm here to make money not friends. So let's make some money.
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    Do these wise men carry gold, frankincense, and myhrr?
  18. Anonymous 10

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    Why do you ask??
  19. soberups

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    After helping your management team set up PAS/EDD on your route, did they turn around the next week and write you a warning letter for failing to follow it by 92%?

    Thats what they are doing here with ORION.
  20. soberups

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    So what is the pupose of putting time and energy into helping them implement something if they are going to turn right around and screw it up anyway?

    Their plan, their fail.