This is becoming a trend

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    Well all the new hires are quitting within weeks what are they gonna do for money?
  3. txdriver75

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    I am sorry, but if a guy not in a fedex uniform wearing a sky mask, comes to the door at night, I would not open the door, even if he has a fedex box. Now I feel sorry for the employees of the shop, but come on a little common sense would say something isn't right with that picture.

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    Maybe they were in the middle of testing their product. Lol . I think it's funny that a FedEx box was used. I guess they were used to having regular shipments. Hmmmm..........
  5. Epoisode7

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    Many Ground drivers have enough neanderthal-like facial hair to make it look like they are wearing a ski mask. This is a slippery slope.
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    They quit without another job lined up and without the option of unemployment benefit either (if they quit) ?
    Then again, it's very hard to find to find drivers or applicants who can get approved and who will meet all of the basic qualifications (and be willing to work for a max of $800 a week) when they can goto into the trades or he construction unions and start out at over $20 an hour