This is why I refuse to cross behind the package car

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. soberups

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    If I have a delivery for the opposite side of the street, I get out and walk in front of the car, not behind it. Any questions?
  2. iruhnman630

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    The whole point of walking behind is being able to see it coming before you cross.

    I walk behind 90% of the time now, however I am still more comfortable walking in front, far enough in front to see around the car.
  3. tourists24

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    you are just a troublemaker Sober... dont you realize that UPS knows better than you. They have deemed that you should go from the back. The heck with what your pic represents... it is a method,,, and methods are foolproof.
  4. tracker2762

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    What about seeing traffic coming from the other direction? They're going to be traveling faster than the cars in your lane. They aren't slowing down like the traffic in your lane. Like you said, if you walk a little further in front of your car, you can see what's coming in the other direction. I scan the traffic behind me when I exit the vehicle and before I cross the street. Another problem I have with walking to the rear is that most of my streets don't have shoulders. I'd be walking in a ditch to get to the rear. I have suggested hand rails along the side so I wouldn't fall and break my neck, but that they didn't seem to concerned about that. So I take the shortest route for my own safety.
  5. brownedout

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    You still cannot see the traffic coming from the opposite direction, so I don't buy this logic. It's just a method, 1 of 340. Do with it, what you will. If following the rest of the methods, the last glance you will get at that traffic coming from that other direction is while retrieving DIAD from holder. By the time you're ready to cross from the rear of the car, if following the methods a minumum of 8-9 seconds has passed. Damn their methods, this one anyway, and do what you are comfortable with. I believe this method is in place, as just posted on another thread, is for the sake of our helpers, one month a year.
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    Are you from Oregun?
  7. soberups

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  8. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    What good does it do you to "see it coming" if you wind up getting crushed between the back of your package car and the front of a vehicle that slides out of control and rear-ends you?

    I can "see it coming" just fine by carefully peeking around the front of the package car that is conveniently acting as a 7000 lb. shield between me and the traffic that could otherwise squash me.
  9. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    You don't get a what we tell you. Any questions?
  10. menotyou

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    Methods that get you injured are smethods. I will NOT be injured because of "working as directed", again.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I saw that you had posted on this thread I was hoping that you would offer an explanation as to why this method is in place. So much for that...

    I try to plan all deliveries so that I am delivering out of the passenger side door. When this is not possible and I am on a two lane or wider street I will cross behind the pkg car. This lets me see and be seen by the cars behind me and allows me to see incoming traffic while being protected by the PC. If I am on a smaller street with light traffic and the pkg is small I will deliver out of the driver's side door.

    During Peak one of the first things that I will review with the helper is that they are to always cross behind the pkg car if making a delivery on the other side of the street. I will try to plan so that this doesn't have to happen but when it does I let them know that crossing in front is not an option and will remind them when they "forget". I have had the same helper for 3 years so this is not an issue; however, it was an issue this past Peak in my district as helper injuries were higher than in previous years.
  12. tourists24

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    You tell em Dragon...... the power trip is more important than actual safety of a worker.... Im with ya....
  13. hellfire

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    who gets out of the PC ? I just throw them like a news paper
  14. Packmule

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    I was also rearended by a kid playing with his cell phone. I've had a division manager tell me the policy of crossing behind the car was not authorized by the higher ups, but by some low-level person who had no business spreading his/her opinion as if it were official policy. I'm with you; STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BACK OF THAT CAR!
  15. Packmule

    Packmule Well-Known Member

    By the time you figure out an approaching vehicle is not moving over, you will have split seconds to move. Not easy with your hands full and snow/ice, loose gravel, etc under your feet. Even if you do managed to get out of the impact zone, glass and pieces of plastic grill will be flying around like shrapnel. My hit didn't move a nearly empty UPS truck one inch, although it tore the whole right fender off the kid's Ford Ranger. Only by being in front of the car will you have a barrier between you and that flying glass.
  16. faded jeans

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    Front of the truck / Every time
  17. cino321

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    I deliver in a area that has sidewalks and parking lanes so I feel as if exiting through the rear is safer; however if I wasn't stepping on ton a sidewalk I suppose I wouldn't be as confident.

    If you ask me, I think whenever we step out of the package car we are taking a chance. I think as you step out, you should distance yourself several feet away from the car and then proceed to go through the front or rear, which ever you feel is safer.
  18. UnsurePost

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    Most of the areas I deliver are rural-subrural roads and few sidewalks. In those cases I am "almost" always exiting passenger side and around the front of the vehicle. There is no worse feeling than pulling over to the side of road as close as possible and sidestepping the truck all the way to the back, nearly unable to breathe nevermind move- unknown if anyone is coming or what is lurking behind. Also it is dangerous to be walking on uneven ground or unpaved shoulders as you can injure yourself. Snowbanks can also play a role.

    I'd much rather take the shortest and safest route to the delivery point, which is usually the front of vehicle.

    In cases with sidewalks or plenty of room to play with, I'll also distance myself away from the car, like you said, and walk around the back of the vehicle. Where I am delivering, that is not typical.
  19. Jim Kemp

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  20. rod

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    I normally just drove across the street, parked facing the wrong direction and exited the drivers door. Now I suppose you are going to tell me there was something wrong with that.