This new contract for newly hired UPSers, check this out!

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    The SORTER positions are responsible for proper and efficient sorting of ABX, Air, Inc. freight. This is a critical job for the success of our Company and is very physical in a very fast paced environment.
    The following JOB REQUIREMENTS apply to all Sorter positions.
    • Must be dependable
    • Be able to wear approved safety footwear and protective equipment as needed
    • Be able to stop, bend, twist, crawl, stretch, reach and stand in small spaces
    • Communicate effectively
    • Have good hand / eye coordination
    • Be able to work in adverse / outdoor conditions
    • Requires lifting up to 35 pounds without assistance on a continuous basis
    • Climb 65 steps to your workstation
    • Push / pull wheeled containers weighing up to 1200 lbs.
    • Perform work at heights
    SORTERS in Wilmington, Ohio are scheduled to work a minimum of a 4 hour shift. You may be required to work additional hours depending upon operational necessity.

    Part-time Sorter - 3rd Shift Pay rate: $9.45 / hour plus .55¢ / hour for 3rd shift differential Regular pay increases are scheduled based on longevity & performance. Pay ranges up to $15.95/hr. Monday through Friday Start time between 11:00 PM & 12:30 AM After successfully completing 6 months of continuous employment as a Part-Time Sorter you may be eligible to receive a pay out of $100 after 30 days of employment, $200 after 90 days of employment and $200 after 180 days of employment providing you worked at least 80% of your scheduled hours, and be an employee in good standing.

    Weekend Casual Sorter (Wilmington, Ohio) Pay rate: $9.45 / hour Saturday and Sunday Saturday: 9:00 AM or later Sunday: 8:30 AM or later Weekend hires are required to work both Saturday and Sunday for the first three weekends to complete training. After that you can choose to work just one day.

    Teen Casual Sorter (Wilmington, Ohio) Pay rate: $9.45 / hour Saturday and Sunday Saturday: 9:00 AM or later Sunday: 8:30 AM or later Teen Sorters must be between the ages of 16 and 17 to be eligible for employment. In the employment process, teens will be required to obtain a work permit and parental consent (notarized signature required) for a pre-employment drug screen before starting work.


    This is a subsidary of airbourne express (DHL) their part timers start off more than our guys and we are supposed to have a strong union? What the heck?
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    This may also be a teamster job. I worked at airborne express for 2 days in 1997. I wouldn't want to go back. Seems that since dhl took over their image has gone down hill.
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    to compare it to UPS you should find out about vacations/sick/personal days and stuff and if they get benefits of any kind after a year or so.
  4. blacknproud

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    The whole point of that quote was that their part timers START off a hell of alot higher than our guys and we work twice as hard, what a JOKE!!:cursing:
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    I see your point but look at the bigger picture--health benefits, etc. -Rocky
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    That's a black eye to the Teamsters. Plain and simple.
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    I'm surprised they offer endurance bonuses. Must be even worse to work at dhl.
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    That's what I was getting at. :)
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    Yeah the teens really need those... Look at who we attract, mostly older people now because young people dont want/need benefits.
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    Define "older" and be careful there young whippersnapper :P
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    what would you like to know about the abx pay and benefits. i have been working there for 13 years now and since :censored2: dhl has came here all has went to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. so since i will be looking for a new job i can let you all know what your missing pay wise or benefits cause we have been told for 13 years that we blow you out of the water in pay and benefits. and by the way i hope you all get the dhl business deal done soon. germans not really welcomed here