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  1. steelheader69

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    Thought I'd take a quick pic of my P1000 and TP60. Nothing fancy, took it with my cell phone. Funny to think how many packages I can stuff into that combo. Especially the PUP, having no shelves you gain ALOT of space to load her up.

  2. Do you need a CDL to drive that thing?
  3. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Make sure your getting your extra ten cents. ")
  4. BCFan

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    No CDL required to take your boat to the lake ... no CDL for utility trailer ....sooooooo no CDL would be required for that rig either:wink: :thumbup1: BC
  5. Box_Junkie

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    We have a couple of those combos in our center. The trailer is great for bulk stops (keeps inside of car cleaner), also heavy pickups.
  6. scratch

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    You have too much work if it won't fit in your Package Car. The way I see it, if you have to pull a PT60 trailer, you might as well go into Feeder.
  7. beentheredonethat

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    Not sure about this individual route. But in many routes with a TP60, it tends to only have 1-10 stops are on the TP60. Usually these are large bulk stops. In many cases the last stop, you pull up and leave the TP60 on the dock and then they load it with the pickup for that stop later in the day. It's nice that without the TP60 you'd have to have either a totally jam full P12 or a 24' Van.
  8. browniehound

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    Like Scratch said, I believe if you pull one of those things you have way too much work. Sad thing is, you probably punch out at 630 everyday and are 1 and 1/2 hours paid over! I guess they expect you back by 5 now:confused:1
  9. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I understand the theory of dropping off a bulk stop and picking the TP60 up at the end of the day after the shipper fills it up themselves. We have had these things for years, I call them "horse trailers", because they are about the size to carry two horses in. My first route was a warehouse route where I drove a "city van" or "straight truck", and I delivered and picked up a thousand boxes a day. I didn't get much overtime then, I had overflow of deliveries everyday and help covering my late closing pickups that wouldn't fit on. That was too much work back then, the TP60 idea seems to me to be a way of squeezing still more work out of a driver.
  10. steelheader69

    steelheader69 The Fishing UPS Guy

    No,it's not really too much work. Beentheredonethat nailed it. It goes out to my first stop of the morning, it's the last thing I pickup. I'm in a remote area, and only a couple of us nearby with trucks big enough to do the pickup. Only problem, we all have heavy pickups (and only have P5's nearby). P5's and P57's nearby. They can't even come close to picking up these packages (because shelves get in the way). Plus, saves the other drivers from having to be my backup pickup drivers. Before the TP60, we would have 2-4 drivers a day stopping by trying to pickup the extras. Now only once in a blue moon do I call in one guy. Trust me, you don't find ANY of my coworkers complaining about the Pup. These boxes are all 60-70#'s so they are glad not to have to come over and load them up. LOL

    Oh, and I bid the route with the TP60, so it was known it was being put on there after the other driver retired. He was in a P7 before and would DAILY have 4 drivers coming to help him. It's an easy 20 cents an hour all day. And before anyone says that's not much, it's a nice chunk if you think about I get paid it all day and I NEVER touch those packages. I don't mind, and no they don't expect me back earlier. This company has a guaranteed later pickup time, so no way for me to be done "early". I don't mind it, and it's a "tad" bigger then a horse trailer. I know, I own a couple and use them. I could maybe fit one horse into this, and they wouldn't be happy about it. I'd say more it's like the utility cargo trailers out there.
  11. bugman74

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    I drive a 24' and I would hit a Casino and maybe one other stop before I would go to my all day stop (a mall), now they have given me two more Casinos and there is so many packages that they will not all fit in the 24' and they have to shuttle about 40 pkgs out to me. I should not complain though, I still get back to the center around 5 with all my pu done by 4:30. Our Center Manager is talking about putting a few of those trailers on some trucks. If they end up putting one on my 24', I might think it is too many pkg then.
  12. spun

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    You are supposed to get paid at the feeder rate.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone attached a false driver cab in front of that PT60 to match the P1000 so it would look like two trucks stuck together!

    When a cop pulls you over you can say its "bring your child to work day" and he's driving his own truck! LOL..I have too much time on my hands.....
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Do those of you that pull TP60s have to park and unhook the trailers (in the correct parking space on the dock) your selves or do you just drop them where ever or does someone else take charge of the whole thing once you've arrived on yard? Here they are SUPPOSED to park them exactly where they got them in the morning and unhook.
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  15. Have you ever been abducted by aliens/have some large memory gaps after seeing a bright light? :alien:
  16. steelheader69

    steelheader69 The Fishing UPS Guy

    No spun, you don't get paid by the feeder rate. We aren't required to have a CDL and it's agreed upon in contract (not sure exactly where) about TP60 pay. I know when they do my adjustments each week, they have a drop bar that has TP60 and feeders (and triples as well).

    No also on having to drop it where I get it. I'm in a different class then some (not all). I know for some of us (I'm one of a few who actually tow these, and only one in my whole building that has one) the trailer goes out empty, comes back full. So I pull it out of the yard, and I back it into a space on the belt so it can be unloaded. I know of guys who deliver rural areas who have too tight of spots to deliver in, so require a smaller package car. But have enough volume that they need a bigger vehicle. So tow one of these with say shelves 5-8 inside. Then go back and reload (and also have stops for another driver as well inside). So could see, since the Pup is empty when they return, they simply park in a designated spot outside.

    This is still a problem in my center (and it's been 4-5 years now). We still don't have a designated spot for my TP60. It's so small of a center, that it doesn't take much to get my pup locked in. Trust me, I love having this thing, makes my life easier having it. So days it's blocked in and I can't use it, I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.
  17. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    In my Hub, somebody on the Preload jumps on a forklift with a special attachment and brings them out to the yard where the driver hooks up to them. In the evening, the driver spots them in the yard and the Unload brings them back inside to be unloaded. It would be about impossible for the Package Driver to spot them back inside the building with a Package Car.
  18. SmithBarney

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    One of our drivers would pull a TP60 to a satellite center(3-4routes)
    I once rode out with him to the sat center, someone called in sick late
    so I just rode shotgun out.
    I thought I had read in the contract he was supposed to get extra $$
    so I asked him how much more an hour he makes, he said nothing.

    Our driver was parked next to his TP60 in the morning, so he'd hook it up
    and pull it out. Then back it to the dock at the sat center.
    On the return trip, it was generally empty, so they just drop it in the yard,
    and night shift put it back in center in its parking spot.
  19. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I used to have a mall run that pulled a TP60 at Christmas time. I would have to wait until most of hte drivers around me had already pulled out before I could pul my trailer out. At the end of the day I would alwys try to leave the trailer empty and I would leave it sit in the lot for the unload/preload to move. they tried to have the boss make me park the trailer online and I told them it wasn't worth the chance of me having a parking accident with it. The boss agreeded and the respoonsibility stayed on teh unload/preload hands.
  20. Griff

    Griff Active Member

    Gotta give it to you. I'd never bid on a trip that had one of these things. We have zero of these in our building and I've never seen one period in this neck of the woods.