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  1. I wasnt feeling well and called in sick this morning. The center manager said to me on the phone that 6 other people had already booked off and that "this is not the way we are running the operation" and that i should "be prepared to be disciplined on monday". just what i wanted to hear after a miserable night of no sleep due to illness. any thoughts on what "discipline" i could expect?

    and yes, i DO have personal days available.
  2. browndevil

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    Your center manager's response was unprofessional and that is "no way to run an operation" It is not your fault others were sick too today. What is there contingency plan for this?

    As far as discipline is concerned I can't see where you have violated the contract. Sounds like center manager is just blowing smoke

    Good luck
  3. upsman68

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    My center manager does this all the time. He tells me that I need a doctor note. I think they have a class that the managers go to entitled "
    Don't let your drivers call in sick."
  4. collegepreloader

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    I could not see any sort of discipline either, you were sick. You don't want to get others sick and you need rest to get better yourself. With little to no sleep, you can make mistakes, hurt yourself, or others. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. spuman

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    If you don't have attendance issues you should be ok.

    He just wanted to ruin your weekend.
  6. over9five

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    Exactly. I would ask for an apology when you return to work.
  7. JimJimmyJames

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    When I was in package I dreaded calling in. I knew it would be the same "whats wrong?", followed by my answer than them saying "ok" and slamming the phone down. No, "I hope you feel better", not even a simple goodbye.

    Don't worry, they can't do nothing to you but be rude and obnoxious to you for a couple of days until they forget about it.
  8. writer

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    Hell, I have been off for a while, major surgery from an injury at work. Have not had ONE call from anyone, (above us) asking how I was doing, etc. NOTHING. Oh well!! They DO NOT CARE.

  9. I'mTheMan

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    As for me, I always go to the doctor when I get seriously sick for any type of health reason. If I'm staying home longer than 1 day, then, However, sometimes managers will threatened me that I would be fired if I'm sick more than 1 day without a doctors note. So don't worry about it because managers just love to enjoying game on you if not followed rules of the contract right. So if sick more than one day, just go to doctor and get a note so managers will know you have visited the doctor. That way the managers will get off of your back.
  10. Tony31yrs

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    It's something they teach them in Supervisor's school. If I ever called in, whether really sick or not, I would never go in because they would just badger you more the next time. They will say anything to get you to come in.
    One supe gave me a real hard time and sob story about how he needed me bad because he didn't have anyone to run my route. I was really sick and told him that I usually don't call in sick because I would rather schedule a whole week off with my days in the fall. He still kept it up, but I held my ground. The next day, the driver who was the number one cover driver for my route, told me that he ran it. He said he was walking out the door because they didn't have a route for him and they called him back. I was totally ticked off and would never come again if I called and they tried to get me to change my mind. Never fall for their BS!
  11. redshift1

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    How many late and call in occasions do you have in the last nine month period. Have you been previously disciplined for attendance with in the last nine months if so what level of discipline talk with, warning letter, documentation or suspension. The language is usually clear and understood by most drivers. If you have excessive absenteeism you can expect discipline
    it's not fair to other drivers who show up faithfully every day. Threatening over the phone is inappropriate and unprofessional.
  12. UnsurePost

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    This is why when I call in, I do not give a reason. Simple: This is so and so and I'm booking off Friday the 9th. click. When I book on, same thing. Management lies cheats and steals quite a bit. Just remember that next time you book off. You don't owe them anything, not even an excuse. Generally, for the most part - whether you call in and say "I shattered my right leg" or " I have the flu" or "my house burned down", it's not important to them . They have more bodies, the work will get done, and tomorrows another day.
  13. UPSNewbie

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    Why do they get their panties in such a twist, when they can use a cover driver with lower pay? It essentially saves them money.
  14. ikoi62

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    Way back when i first started i called in sick and was told to be in or be fired,and i mean i was sick, so i had my wife drive me to work and told her to wait down the street. i went in and got dressed and sat on the stairs next to the center manager's office.i had been throwing up all night and now was no different. i puked all over the floor by his office,he came out screaming about the stink and took one look at me and said Go Home. i was never questioned again about a call in..:happy-very:
    now all they get from me when i call in is " I'm not coming in today'' and i hang up.
  15. anonymous6

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    Your only responsibly is to give them proper notice which I think is an hour and that is it. No excuse is needed . Also, i believe you only need a doctors note if you are off 3 or more days.

    be professional and quote the contract.

    drink some Nyquil and get some more sleep.
  16. CommDown

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    Ikio awesome

    I hate when they ask me whats wrong when all they are trying to do is see if you are BS ing and catch you lying. I say "I am taking the day off, ok ill see you tomorrow."

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    This was the quick correct answer

    Side story -

    I was actually great friends with my center manager years ago, I called in one morning and told him I was hung over. If you like your job, I would not use this excuse 99.9 percent of the time:happy-very:
  18. McLeod

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    If I call in I tell them I can't control it at either end and I would hate to embarrass myself in front of the customer!
  19. McLeod

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    That is what I would do if I was told I'd be fired.
  20. soberups

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    I hate calling in sick, I figure that if I feel like crap I might as well be on the clock for it. The only time I will call in is if I'm blowing chunks or riding the brown rocket, which rarely happens because I have the digestive system of a billy goat. It is my opinion that daytime TV programming is determined by women who want to make sure that any men who stay home sick will be bored out of their minds and will go back to work faster.