Three People Against One

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by PeterPan27, Feb 19, 2007.

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    if a supervisor and two employees say that they saw another employee sitting around for ten minutes and the accused employee denies it, what will happen? can the accused request a lie detector test? does it fall under proven dishonesty?
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    UPS does not perform lie detector tests.
  3. what are you hoping to get out of this? 10 minutes? I mean yea thats how long our break is for the day, but if someone in my operation took a 10 min timeout I don't think anyone would think anything of it other than supervisors. If they were sick or whatnot or just not feeling well most supervisors even wouldn't care either. Why is this person sitting? just for the heck of it? Are they asthmatic? etc.

    This kind of thing wouldn't really concern me to be honest. I have better things to do while working than try to get my coworker in trouble.
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    This is like little johnny tattling on his brother for not praying with everyone else during church. What are these two employees doing that allows them to watch another employee do nothing for 10 minutes. Everyone in a hub has down time some time during their day, what do they want sorters and unloaders doing jumping jacks while waiting for a trailer to back on or loaders to go change the oil in a package car while they wait for a trailer shift. Come on it seems so many people are more worried about everyone else than themselves. I would ask management to discipline every person in the hub who was'nt working every second of the day including bathroom breaks, taking a drink of water etc. if not this would be case of singling out one employee and not the others filed under harassment. Do these guys complain when 3/4 of the building is slow because of weather, traffic accidents, road closures, etc.
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    Unless I see someone stealing, I keep my mouth shut and do my job. Thankfully, I have yet to see anyone stealing from the company.

    Look at it this are probably part time right? You're there tops, 5hours (on a usual day) - just relax. You're getting paid x.xx whatever an hour weather he takes that extra 10 minutes or not. The person could have health issues, you don't know. If you want a brown noser (no pun intended) job, go to wal-mart or some other retail job and kiss ass like that till you work your way up to the assistant manager posistion and brag that you bring home 30k a year.:thumbup1:
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    WOW, assistant managers at Wal-mart make 30k a year?? lol..
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    Sounds to me like he might have been taking a bathroom break. Why were you and the sup watching? Sexual Harassment possibly?