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    Do y'all ever think that UPS will ever get to the point that time allowances will be in real time? With all the technology could they not measure the actual walk times and distances from car to delivery point and not use an average? I can think of both pro' and con's of this for both driver and company.
  2. 104Feeder

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    It's all just made up numbers to try and get more production out of you. Don't sweat it.
  3. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    Why do drivers say that? It's obvious that such things can be measured, so why can't the numbers be real (how much concern we give them is another matter)?
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    I heard next contact...that we will have to wear diapers,so you dont waste anytime going to the bathroom!!!10 more stops for everbody...LOL
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    Come to work, do work to your best ability, go home. It's that simple.

  6. Intangibles. How do you allow for these? The simple answer is you can't. Every delivery is different- time, temp, conditions, people's moods, dogs, tri-cycles in the walkway....whatever. you can get a ballpark idea....but exactly? No. If done exactly......the driver always loses.....if under they take away....if over- discipline.........how far can you take it......the Co. would as far as possible. Still interested?
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    I would rather see package size worked into the system, rather than how much time it takes to walk to a house from the curb. We already have the technology to do it and it would benefit far more people: drivers, preload, loaders.
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    An average time allowance can be measured even though it is still subject to high variability. The problem is managements strict application and disregard of the fact that their own operational failures mostly are the cause of drivers not meeting those measurements.

  9. To what end? Some boxes feel like they have bowling balls in them....rolling around(some actually do). awkward, hard to carry, deal with. So on......intangibles..... BTW-why give them(mgt) more ammo(ironically)? I got a ride one time from a different mgr or salesperson, ie whatever. He was truly surprised at the qty of irregs, big pkgs, over 70 and so on. I had a real nut and bolt route. Heavy commercial in a rural area(perceived). Never heard another word or had another ride. The irreg folks loathed my car. Now and then, as my car was cleared of irregs(back then it was done outside with a crew), the line of pkg cars would pile up....a ors would come up and say what's the delay?....take a look at the dozens and dozens of irregs and shut up. irregs=intangibles.
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    I don't worry or care about time allowances neither does the union....

  11. That's not exactly true.......one can be accused of stealing time....directly tied to allowances of many kinds. And of course you know that discipline can cause permanent termination....right? now, there are some that even falsify records to pad/meet/exceed those allowances....but that's another matter...
  12. TearsInRain

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    anything can be measured, in theory

    holding people accountable when you can't measure all the variables is insane though
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    UPS should care a little more about their customers and employees (Yes including management too!!!) Things would go soooo much better..Dont kiss my butt but you dont have to kick either!!!!Address the real problems...getting out of the bldg on time...beat up packages cars..no dollys...a dispatcher that doesnt have a clue..what should go on what route!!!!!!
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    Those that falsify record are worried about time allowance that's why they falsify the records. One that doesn't falsify records isn't going to get in trouble for time allowances missed. They might however get a 3 day ride....
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    We will be sup[lied with catheters with a bypass hose.

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    When called in the office the other day (with rep) I was asked why it took an extra XXX seconds for a specific deliver. I countered his question with another: "What was the weight and dimension of the package?" He said "How should I know?" My response "Then how should I?"
  18. Backlasher

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    My UPS efficient Retrofit catheters hydration bypass hose got tangled on my dolly and it was a huge safety hazard
  19. 104Feeder

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    Like others have said, there are too many variables that aren't being measured. I remember some days where we would deliver letters from some drug company or W-2 forms for example and my numbers would go through the roof. What if they held you to that standard every day? The way I look at it, the less they F with me the more I will give them. Start S with me and all of a sudden I have cement shoes and everything needs to go to the shop.
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    Do your best ! Time allowances are not possible, to many variables. Everybody do your best and work safely first. As long as quarterly earnings stay in the billions, why should they care. Its all a mind game.