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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsdude, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. upsdude

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    We went through time studies a few weeks ago and the “new” numbers will begin on Monday. My route gained 45 minutes, which is actually close to what I figured. Most routes gained 30 to 45 minutes. One route went up an hour and 35 minutes. We did have one route that lost time.

    Of course the peak planning was based on the old numbers so we will have the same number of routes we had last year. Our volume is currently at the same level we saw 2 weeks before Christmas last year. So far the pre load is hanging in there so we’re hitting the road around 9:05.
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    Were there any routes added because of the new time study? The last time our center had a time study in '95, 5 routes were added. Our times were re adjusted about 1 1/2 year ago based on the proposed PAS or EDD, (not sure which one). PAS orEDD is not even in place at our center yet either.

    Our routes actually lost time because of it and they cut routes based on that. Tell me that's not a load of crap?
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    What's a Time Study?...........Wait......I remember...those people that were promised by someone at the division level at our center when pas was deployed that have not shown up yet.
  4. Brownnblue

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    Were you given any insight as to why your route gained the number of minutes it did? Did you ask any questions about how this equation was figured out? Or about the margin of error?
    I'm told I'm going to be time studied in the near future, for the first time in about 14 years. Any tips or insight would be helpful.
  5. upsdude

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    Traffic created my biggest gain. I also gained “signature” time and “DR” time. I lost a little time on pickups. The loss was due to my pickups being made with deliveries. I only have 10, and 8 of them are pickup and deliver in trace. The last 2 are NDA pickups that are on the way back to the building.

    Driver sort time is now a fixed amount for all areas. The assumption is that PAS/EDD requires little or no sort time. Since PAS was implemented over a year ago, my truck is section loaded, I still have to sort each section, or look for the packages at each stop. So, I lost “sort” time.

    Keep your TS person informed of what’s coming up. Example, any unusual circumstances at the next stop. Only one person authorized to sign, elderly person takes a couple minutes to answer the door, etc. Also, arguing about “time” will gain you nothing. Walking slow, nothing. Stay off the grass, walk on sidewalks and driveways. Stay out of fire lanes and “No Parking” zones. Take your hand cart into EVERY pickup.

    Side note. The IE lady gave me 2 complements, perfect methods, yes, the lady actually said I had perfect methods. She also said that in her 5 years of doing time studies I was the safest package driver she had ever ridden with.
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    thanks for the tips it is very much appreciated:thumbup1:

  7. Gman24

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    When we were time studied in '95, we were told to use DR bags at EVERY Residential DR stop, even if it was a bright blue bird day with NO chance of rain.

    You are right "slow walking" will not gain you anything. You are timed and steps are counted to make sure you are within the steps per seconds margin.
  8. Megansman

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    If customer comes out to meet you, carry the package to the house, TS Dude will ding you for less steps.
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    When are the new time studies coming to Arkansas? Most of us here have to work 9.5 hours just to plan 8.
  10. browniehound

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    Time studies. What a freaking joke. Why does the company waste its resoures on this? Counting steps? Sort time? AM time? PM time? Start car time? All it takes is 1 traffic jam and your rocket science goes out the window. I was told I was taking, on average 1 second longer, than the allotted 8.4 seconds to step in the car, fasten the seatbelt and go. As the day went on, I tried to beat the 8.4 seconds. And do you know what I discovered? Its not safe to do it in 8.4 seconds! This my friends is that part of the methods that should not be timed. Why should you be in a rush to pull away from a curb? So you can run over a kid on a bike? My opinion, just slow the freak down! The company is counting seconds, yet you have 1 misload that takes 1/2 hour to deliver and now you seconds become negligible. As far as I'm concerned, the company can take their numbers and stick'em where the sun don't shine. I'm always under 9 5, and I think thats what should matter most. My opinion: FU and your 8.4 second start car routine.