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    Im not a person that just itches and dosesnt seek solutions to problems. Thats why Im starting this thread for the sorry old democrats(small "d"on purpose) that are enviromental wacko s in their fight against global warming. Its obivious they must not care, because it is taking a Republican to start this thread... What I want from you folks, (Republicans and democrats) tips and helpful ways to stop this made up thing called "Global warming". It could be small or big, any contribution will not go unnoticed. Remember Folks were tallking about saving the human race!!!!!!!! I ll start, This is easy and you can start right now. On the BC site you have expressive yellow icon dots. I contacted the power company and they gave me the stats on how much electricity it takes to run one of the these. 8 watts per year(thats alot of juice, dude). I then asked how much electricity does an old school icon use. 2 watts per year(wow). I will demostrate the old school icons. happy face ( : sad face ) : winky face ( ; one eye face ( . Theres not much choice.(kinda of like hillaries universal health care vision). Just do the math. How much you save in 20 years, 8-2=6 watts (saved per year). 20 times 6 = 120 watts hey you multiply that by all the democrat households(computers only households) and thats a considerable amount of wattage. That means our oil and coal burning electric plants will produce less polution. So for now own, We Republicans will be watching you liberal,wacko democratic enviromentalists. Dont try and hide. Dont go into yellow icon dots withdrawls. Were here to help you through your mental My fellow Republicans your not required to do this crap.
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    I'm sure glad that I never registered as a Party Member. :-)

    Registration, they say, is tantamount to confiscation. =:O

    The downside is that I have to think. 8-|

    The upside is that I do not have to regurgitate a Party-Approved position. :-D

    or should that be: Q7Z
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    To quote the caveman from the Gieco commericals:


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    Dear Fellow Republican,

    Sorry, gotta get my 2 cents in...

    First of all, this discussion could be very short and sweet, since there's no such thing as Global Warming....

    So Why Do Some Of Us Think We Have Control Of...

    1.) The earth's temperature? Which has only been fluctuating for four and a half billion years... And entire species became extinct because of this long before there were any people around to screw things up but you could probably blame a lot of that on T Rex flatulance, right?

    2.) Ice ages! Which are always followed by periods of warming that melt the ice....

    3.) Variations in the sun's energy output, which is currently warming up the earth as we speak...

    4.) During the history of the earth, there was no ice at the
    poles and temps were much warmer than today. Once again, few humans were around to mess that up, unless you want to point a finger at Eric the Red and his band of merry Vikings and accuse them of Greenland's rapid temperature change... Hey! That might be Book Worthy!!!

    5.) The environment of our world - water vapor (which is over 90% of the atmosphere), the orbit of the earth, clouds, volcanos, the earth's crust, the ocean's floors and currents, falling stars (cosmic rays)...

    6.) Mars and the Sun are hotter now than they've been in over 100 years. But wait, there aren't any cars on Mars or the Sun, are there?

    7.) 1998 was a very good El Nino year, with record breaking temperatures.

    8.) Most of the United States in the summer of 2000 saw hotter than normal temperatures because of the La Nina weather system...

    That's it for now. Over and Out.:laugh:
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    Maybe we could just appoint Sean Penn to head up a council on saving the human race. He did, after all, (with all his expertise) comb all of Iraq for WMDs and came up empty handed before the first bombs fell. Phew, Spicoli says they're only making baby food out there in the sand box. Reckon that makes him an expert.
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    Oddly enough, he was right. Go figure.
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    I'm thinkin' genocide of the bovine entity....
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    Shouldn't this post be on the Global Warming thread??

    Of course I'm assuming you meant get rid of the cows cause they're the reason we're warming up!!:lol:
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    In case some didnt get it. It was a little sarcasim.
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    This won't solve the global warming problem although it might help but it's more about saving $$$$ at the gas pump. Several weeks ago on CNN they showed this guy who was getting 60 mpg from his little Honda (non-hybrid) and he took the newscrew's big SUV and only air'd up the tires and got nearly 20 mpg on the same trip that the crew got 14 mpg. He does it by changing how he drives.

    He turns the engine off at redlights or at stops longer than 10 seconds and he coasts downhill by turning off the engine. There's a little more but that's the basic gist of it.

    After seeing this I decided with some modification to try this myself. Mainly I looked at my various options of routes I could take to and from work and I learned that going one way to work has more downhill roadway and coming home another does the same thing. So normally a tankfull for me last about 6 days of going to work and the 6th day I can get there but have to fill up going home. So this time I filled up and where I could I didn't turn of the engine but I watched my rpm's and in most cases going downhill I put the tranny in neutral dropping my engine rpm's down to about 700. If I leave the tranny in gear even with my foot off the gas the engine still pulls over 1000 rpm's and in neutral I also get much further roll out or in other words coast a lot farther. You have to really pay attention to your driving when you do this becuase there were times when I wasn't and I missed some hills I could have coasted so I wasn't perfect at it either. Still perfecting it.

    Results? On the same tankfull of gas I got 8 days to and from work plus a small side trip that in mileage was about equal to another one way trip to work. This was my first effort at this so I've still got some work to do on my driving habits to perfect it more and I've not gone to the effort of calculating actual MPG but I do know that I got nearly another 100 miles out of a tankfull of gas.

    If any of you are interested in any more details on this as to what I'm doing and want to try it let me know. I hope some of you will so we can compare notes. Now I will admit, all my routes to and from work are non-interstate and are secondary and even some residential streets. This is normal route for me even without this effort. Also I drive off peak hours being around mid day to early afternoon and then returning home late evening to midnight timeframe so traffic conditions also lean itself in this. Also daytime traffic hampers the coasting some but at night I do a lot of it with probably close to 1/3 of my trip in neutral. Also allow yourself a few more minutes to work and also watch your tach and try to keep it under 2200 to 2500 when not in overdrive. If any one wants to try this and see what they come up with give it a go and let me know how you do.

    I decided instead of boycotting gas on certain days that over time I just wouldn't buy as much. Anyone care to join me?

    C ya!
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    As I thought about the reaction to my post it became kind of humorous. It brings up a good observation. Have you ever written a post and it was totally mistaken another Let me explain. The post was intended to be a long the same humorous lines as neon con found in the load, all made up. Global warming is made up and to hear some of the ridiculous things they want us to do is crazy(humorous). Especially the part on how they want to spend alot more of our hard earned money. My whole thought behind my post was to have posters think of creative, humorous, made up or real ways to help this made up problem(g. w.). So having sad that I will continue my piece. I hope this observation is correct of mine. The yellow dots dont use more
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    wkmac, good post, your a little slow at times to catch on. lol
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    wkmac.....I get in the car. I turn the key. I drive away. I don't have the time & mindset to do all that stuff you mention. I need to concentrate on the lyrics to all the songs on Bobby Darin's Greatest Hits. It's my "zone" away from home.

    Another note....I haven't put gas in my car since the first week in May . I don't have to drive too far for anything.
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    Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the rug!:lol:..Hold mothers calling,I'll put it on speaker.

    Maybe soon,when the ice melts,we can ask a real life caveman when he thaws out.
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    Hey folks, back again, Just a little follow up on the "old school icon"(osi=old school icon) tip. If you (dems) havent notice yet, the osi 's comes up sideways. If you find this annoying, theres an easy way to correct the problem. Just grab your monitor(kinda like a parcel) and flip it on its side. This usually corrects the problem.
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    Liberal wacko enviromentalist, PleaseGod, help these poor people. Hey, I just received an email from Cheryl Crow(liberal dem) today, word travels fast, she found out about the thread on "tips and helpful ways" and wanted to contribute(very small contribution, but I didnt tell her that)lol. She said, "I was so excited, my fingers were trembling as I typed my email, I (C.C.) knows that everyone knows about me only using one square of bun wad(tp) when doing my business. Well I just discovered it was 2 ply. I can now make a roll last twice as long(ugggggh,lol) and wait, dont throw it(used tp) away. I (C.C.) dump it around all my bushes and shrubs instead of using mulch(must help her property value) around my home(Gosh, what do the neighbors think) I just know this is saving millions of trees,Yeppeeeee!!!!!. Thank you, so much area 43 for passing my tip along". Disturbing, As you can see, my fellow Repulicans this is just another piece of evidence that clearly supports that liberalism is a mental disorder.
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    Stop breathing - When you exhale you release carbon dioxide.

    Don't drive - We all know how bad that is.

    Don't live in a house-apt-condo or building that uses gas or electricity - Homes produce 2-3 times as much carbon as cars.

    Don't wear shoes or any sort of clothing produced in a factory - Grow a cotton field and make your own by hand.

    Quit school - Refer back to not living in a house and have no part of destroying trees to make books.

    Eat meat raw - Refrain from using gas or electricity.

    Don't use toilets. Urinate and poo in your back yard - The water to your house is cleaned and sent to your house using pumps that use electricity, and electricity generation is one of the major sources of carbon dioxide.

    Stop exercising - Increasing your heart rate increases the amount of oxygen you take in, which turns into carbon dioxide.

    Turn this monitor and computer OFF! - You hypocrite!! The days of camaraderie and surfing the net for meatballs must come to an end!!!

    Die - Dying younger means you will do all of the above a lot less... :sad:
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    Ha Sammie, that was a great post! You should have added "Quit having sex and reproducing, think of all the potential wasted energy".:tongue_sm
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    Hmmmm, I think Im having these unexplainable feelings for you Sammie. lol