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    I have this employee that is hardcore union, let's call him Tom. He's the first one to ask who is watching the sups work and if he catches someone working he is sure to let everyone know. He is also the guy that says, "Hey Jimmy I would file on that." He annoys me and I have my crew of 19 year olds give him a hard to time because, honestly I just don't like him. Anyhow we had our grievance meetings and after the crooked stewards dropped all the girevances for their own personal gain, I began to insert the dropped grievances in the grievance book. I started thinking, I have never heard a grievance that Tom filed. I looked back almost fours years, not one. So the next day Tom is doing his usual walk around before the sort and naturally I am precharging the inbound (Sups unloading trailers). Tom says "Hey what do you guys think you are doing" I appeared out of the shadows and said "what does it look like they are doing?" Tom replied I'm going to file, I had a grievance form handy and gave it to him and said go ahead. Now Tom dashed to the nearest union gathering point to get a witness, but by the time he got back the sups were already done. I thought this would be an interesting story for on here because I think alot of you are like Tom, You may talk on here like you file, but in reality you don't.....

    no love,
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    so you are breaking the law; and then bragging about it online?

    reminds me of those kids that videotape themselves beating someone bloody then posting the video online...

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    How do you figure I am breaking the law?
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    breach of contract/
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    I can't stand grievance happy people. Was told I should've filed one because I delivered a single ground package as an air driver. Why? All for an extra $28? Wow. Greater satisfaction that someone who has been waiting for their package got it.
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    brown eyed girl; do you think ups can afford to pay you at your contracted rate? yes they can.

    best words of wisdom ive read on here "there are more worthy causes to donate your time/money to than ups"

    dont work for free or at less than your contracted rate just to make your boss look good.
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    Without people like "TOM" who is going keep management honest.
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    You would have gotten $28 and hr for all the hours you worked that day.
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    I would file on both instances. Supervisors aren't supposed to be working, and you should get paid correctly for delivering ground. If you give them an inch they will take a mile.

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    Yes brown eyed girl take advice from a part time employee with five years seniority. She already donates money to you, she pays her taxes which in return pays your welfare. Why can't she give a little back to big brown too.....

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    Union people aren't supposed to steal time, but they do.
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    If we're naming this guy Tom, then it's only fitting we call you Dick.
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    I think brown eyed girl exemplifies the mindset of a lot of service minded upsers.
    a law is only a law if the public fully supports it.
    Most upsers will support a law or contract language they agree with.
    many do not agree with all language in the book.
    many feel there is some language in the book that violates their personal service or ethics beliefs. ethics being they don't feel they should get paid to do nothing.
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    Someone needs to pay for my $130 a month in food stamps
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    I agree with tieguy on this one. There are upsers who are service minded and thats great. I think if this is a once in a while problem that happens. Like one or two packages a month. Not a big big deal. Same thing that goes to supervisors that lets say tape a package or make service for a package by loading in. Same thing once in a while. But when it comes to being a few times a week thing then we have problems and thats where the contract comes in.

    As for UPSSOCKS, you said it yourself in your statement. You have a bunch of 19 year olds who probably just want to get off the clock as soon as possible and dont care about the union. Thats why your union steward gets away with what he does. At my building, I would and many other people let the business agent know. Then get a petition where I believe 50% of the work force would force a special election for new steward. There must be a lot of people in your building who either dont care about the union and or people afraid of management if they file a grievance. And also lack of knowledge of the contract. Anyways I wish you were transferred to my building then we could show you how Teamsters is suppose to act, therefore you can reshape your opinions on unions.

    In my building I dont have to file that many grievances. If i say i saw this person working for 8 minutes. I get 8 minutes added to my time. I dont get the double time but at least they pay and do a good job with it. Theres been a few times they havent paid because of other issues that surrounded why the supes were working but I ended up getting my money through the grievance procedure.

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    Interesting.... So someone worked for 8 minutes and in return you got 8 minutes added to your time. That's that's that's that's FAIR, and not the teamster way. In the past I have told you that I punish those who file grievances, but the guy that comes up to me and says "hey tommy worked for a good hour, you know that's not right." Usually gets an hour added to his time.
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    LOL, +1
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    Are either of you hairy ??
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    Tom should bury you with grievances until they run you out of town on a rail. Division manager should move you to the furthest building from where you live and give you a shift that would interfere with your personal life.

    I finally figured out your avatar : Judging by the look of horror on his face , The employee on the right is thinking to himself - "my God , what did this pencil neck geek have for lunch? A sh-t sandwich?"
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    My work is based on ethics and respect. Two things I feel should go hand in hand at the work place.

    Honestly, when those are violated (lately it's been coming pretty close), and it's something I cannot resolve through superiors, then I don't need to work for that company.

    I don't feel the need to start filling out paperwork to go through a grievance system only to blackball myself. Money isn't everything.