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I drive.
Congrats, man. I hit top rate in June. I'd highly recommend saving as much as you can in your retirement accounts. I put away 15%. Pay yourself first with that big paycheck.


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Cars and trucks are about the worst things to waste money on, I doubt that I will ever buy a new one again. Boats are even worse, unless you live on or near water in my opinion. I've lived through the hot rod and boats stages, they are just expensive toys. Too big of a house is a mistake also. Stick more in your 401K, you won't miss it and will retire better.

The Driver

I drive.
I've had too many older vehicles with lots of new parts. Eventually they become more expensive than a car payment.

Once I start spending good money as a rolling average it'll be time to kick it. I just hate the idea of working to finance a stupid daily driver. Screw that. I have the money set aside for double the car I'm driving now.


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Nothing wrong with having a new dependable vehicle, you just don't need a 50k vehicle

Looked at a new Denaili the other day. Sticker was $103,000. :-). Yet driving around I see them on the road all the time. Its always driven by a younger person. I just think to myself--you dumb *.