Took the tour yesterday...

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  1. Hope this is in the right spot, but anyways yesterday I took the tour for PT Package Handler. Basically knew what to expect after lurking this site for a few days. So at the end of the tour the guy gave us all his business card and told us to e-mail him or call to set up an interview if we were still interested in the job. I e-mailed him yesterday and it's been 24 hours with out a response.

    After how long should I give him a call instead?

    Thanks for the help and sorry about the WOT.
  2. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    Give it a couple of days...and be sure to call not email.

    Good luck :)
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I suggest that if you don't have either an e-mail response or telephone call from him by tomorrow morning I would follow up with either another e-mail or a phone call but don't badger him.
  4. Thanks...I'll give it another day then call to see whats up.
  5. jchimienti

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    you should call him every minute until you reach him to let him know your interested
  6. Iggyiam

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    call 3 times a day everyday until you get a hold of someone thats waht i did:happy-very:
  7. MonavieLeaker

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    You should also register so people dont think youre a troll :happy2:
  8. Iggyiam

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    trolls can be fun at times
  9. DS

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    not on this website!
  10. SoyFish

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    I am 'UPS Hopeful' here with an update. So I called the guy back and started asking me questions, once again trying to get me to shy away from the job. Well I have an interview tomorrow, and he is running the background check incase they need me monday to backup or something. I'd be working the night shift 10:30 - 3:00 am.

    I'm basically in I take it.
  11. allentown brown

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    I took the tour yesterday and i got a call today. 2nd interview tomorrow at this going to be a walk through or a sit down cuz i don't want to dress for the wrong thing...
  12. bellesotico

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    Sit down interview.
  13. SoyFish

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    2nd Interview is a sit down. Dress Decent.