Toronto hub expansion


We had a huge PCM Tuesday outlining the constuction project that is taking place at our hub.At a cost of $72million,it will basically double our capacity for moving packages.Completion is expected by peak 2009.
The 250,000 sq foot expansion will be overseen by TSH engineering and the ups management team that helped design and build worldport.
more on this subject later


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72 million dollar expansion in TO? That might be why they decided not to expand the Edmonton center that is busting at the seems. The building was designed to handle a maximum of 10,000 packages a day. Right now, 2 months before peak we are doing 15,000 a day. All our truck don't even fit inside. The extended drivers park outside. They wait for the metro drivers to leave the building then they pull in and load their own trucks. They don't get out of the building till 10:30 - 11:00.

For the last year plus UPS has been talking about expanding our building, then suddenly they changed plans to just putting in a second belt. One that sits about 3 feet above the original belt. Yeah that's gonna work well. What are the short pre-loaders supposed to do? Are they really gonna put o/w packages on the top belt? I'm skeptical.

They started construction on this belt this week and will have it completed by Monday. I'm not looking forward to it. We were told this system is in use in Toronto and Calgary. Does it work well in those places?