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    I have a bid than requires me to come off of it so a new driver can train on it (new recruit). In the past they have allowed the new guy to have a 30 day probation period and then I was back on my route and the recruit would start to cover vacations. However, we have a new center manager and he has the mindset that they are on the route the entire season, meaning from may 1st to aug 31. What language is in the contract to say whether he is right or wrong. He is actually a very reasonable person I just wanted to know what can happen with me the rest of the summer.

    Thanks in advance.
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    30 days. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.
    You will have to get a copy of your old contract and look in Package Rider for your Conference. Or go to and look through the new one, but you want the Package Rider.
    After 30 days you get your rte back or you file a grievance.
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    I can't find this language, is it under the national or central states? Sorry I am so obtuse.
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    Don't worry about it, get your Steward and call your BA for your Union local.

    It's only for the 30 days so someone coming on gets a "fair" shake by being on the same area for his entire 30 days.
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    What supplement are you under? Whatever the length of the new driver's qualification period under your local area supplement is the same length of time that they get on your route, no more and no less. Talk to a shop steward.
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    I am under good ole central states agreement.