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    So my wife came home from work with a christmas present. She has been offered a job within her company in another state. She makes good money and it is a good opportunity for her and us. I have been a driver for nine years. I know you cannot transfer with UPS, but from what I understand if ones spouse is transferred, UPS will allow a driver transfer. Anybody have any info. on this?
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    Don't put the house on the market just yet.
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    LOL. Search. There are a million threads about this. Don't count on a transfer.
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    This guy has a sense of humor!
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    Its my understanding that you can transfer with all your years of service. But lose your seniority once you go to a new building
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    You can only move WITHIN your Union local.

    This has NOTHING to do with UPS and everything to do with the TEAMSTERS.
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    Not true.

    If you are in the Western Conference, you can transfer to any facility within the Western conference.

    Once per year a transfer list is posted, with a list of all facilities. You can put your name on the list and be transferred to that location as soon as a position opens up. You then retain your company seniority for retirement purposes, but upon arrival at your new location you go to the bottom of their seniority list for the purposes of vacation selection and route bidding.
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    I should have said with minor changes to supplements.

    Though it is the Union, not UPS.
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    Down here in the Southern Supplement we don't have such language in the contract. Wish we did. We also need better language for when drivers have to bump inside. Some areas lose pay and some don't.
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    Not quite true. Not all facilities are listed. I've been wanting to transfer back to my original facility, or for that matter anywhere within a reasonable range of it for two years now and none of the hubs within 400 miles are listed. They don't accept "write in" locations and my local's no help.

    Oh, and you just missed the transfer posting list. It'll be just under a year before it's reposted.
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    As some others have posted, it does depend on your regional union supplement. Here in the Central we don't have that language. What Sober said about the seniority I believe to be true.