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  1. brownieworker

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    I work part time in Ohio... Can I transfer to Arizona or does it have to be in the surrounding region of Ohio? I will be transferring for school.
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    You can transfer anywhere you want as long as they approve it. You need to be accept at a school and then the center near that school has to have an opening for you to start. Get a hold of your HR person they can help you.
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    Thank you very much :) Happy Holidays!!
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    One more ? I tried to transfer to Kentucky and I was accepted to the college but the HR guy told me he couldn't do it because I needed to REGISTER for classes he wouldn't "accept" only the acceptance letter. Is this a bunch of bull due to his laziness or does any 1 know what you really need for proof?
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    An acceptance letter doesnt say/mean anything about you moving elsewhere. The only way for ANYONE to know your are enrolled in classes is by you registering/paying for your classes.

    Even then you could just cancel your classes on day one and get all your money back.

    You can register for classes now for January without any problems. For classes starting in August you can start registering for classes sometime in July.

    This would the only way for HR (UPS) to approve your transfer, otherwise everyone would apply for admission to ANY college in ANY location they wanted.
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    One of my PT coworkers didn't get her transfer approved until the day before classes started at her new school.

    Register for classes and pay your tuition then hope UPS cares enough to transfer you.
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    Makes sense thanks again everyone ! Be safe out there and have fun at work! :funny: