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    Has anyone in here ever had their route get transferred to a different center and they decided to follow it? My route is being transferred to a brand new center. I was told that I have the option to follow it but if there Is someone at the new center that wants my route with higher seniority than me that they can take my route from me. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?
  2. Yes you can follow your work if it gets moved. But whenever you bid your routes if someone above you wants it they can bid it.
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    Centers in same building?
    Centers under same supplmental language?
    What is your bidding language. Do you rebid every so often or bid for life?
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    I imagine its different where you have an annual bid but where I was if you followed your route you kept it for as long as you wanted. We bid routes for life--or until you decided to give it up.
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    When a new hub opened locally, routes moved from my building to the new building. A bunch of people followed them, thinking that they would have them till they bid off. The new hub relooped the new area into their nearby loops, higher seniority drivers followed their work and of the 6 drivers that followed, only 2 had enough seniority to keep their routes.

    We had 3 routes head north to Rod's building, 2 drivers followed them. I know they were relooped and that one of them had very, very little seniority and I do not know if he was able to follow his work to keep his route.

    So for the OP, it just depends.
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