Transferring HUBs if accepted to a university

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    Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any input you can provide.

    I've been a UPSer for 6 years as an International Auditor in ODC and just passed my road test recently but have not taken the class or done the DOT physical yet. I am also a SGT in the Army Reserves. I was deployed in 2014 and now have benefits like the post 9/11 GI bill which will help me stay afloat while working part time and attending school.

    If I got accepted to UNLV ( I work at Laguna hub in So.Cal ) how would I go about getting a transfer to a hub out in Vegas? Should I hold off on applying until I request a transfer and it gets accepted?

    My question may be a little off track in terms of first steps but hoping you guys can provide a little guidance
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    Your local HR would be the best first step to take. They would know what paper work you would need to file for an educational transfer. Good luck
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  3. Leave ups all together, go to Vegas put it all on black.
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    Compare the OP, a guy who's working to get ahead and a class act, with all the Bernie Sanders scum demanding free everything.
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    as a part time sup i was able to "easily" transfer under the educational transfer. Another person at my facility did the same thing without ever stepping into a class room.
    main things you need are a letter of acceptance, schedule of registered classes, and that its not online classes only. oh and a letter of intent but thats prob not very important. the other guy at my facility dropped out as soon as he his transfer was accepted. never paid any tuition.
    4/5 times facilites accept the transfer request.
    might be harder for a union employee though, i have seen it done though for spousal transfer.
    i would go beyond your local HR if they dont give you a proper response. i did and it was approved way faster.