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    Does anyone have any insight on getting transferred to a hub out of state? I am currently living in Arizona (I can't stand the heat), I have put my transfer in for the past 3 years and have not got the call. How much longer should I expect it to take, I heard that there is a ratio that they have to follow...something like 5 part-timers for every 1 transfer??? Anyone with any idea as to when I can get back to CA would be greatly appreciated! I am looking at getting into the Ontario, Anaheim, Cerritos, Temecula areas.

    Thank you.
  2. dillweed

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    To my knowledge, the only way to get a transfer is to be enrolled in a school near the center or hub you want to work at.
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    Even at that the center near the school you want to go to has to have and opening and accept you.
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    That is really weird, is this an East Coast / Central thing? I have never heard of that, Union Rep nor co-workers, nor management has ever said anything about being enrolled in school. Are you talking about a manager transferring? I'm a driver.
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