trouble on the twilight

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  1. i talked to some of the guys i used to work with today on the twilight.. this is the first time I have heard things got this bad but honestly am shocked it doesnt happen more.

    2 fridays ago 2 workers were having a heated disagrement. a 3rd worker intervend in an attempt to calm everyone down. One of the first 2 took exception to the 3rd guys involvement and slapped the 3rd worker across the face. At this point the belts supervisor stepped in just in time to get hit in the jaw by an errant punch intended for worker #3 thrown by one of the first two.

    well both the first 2 were walked 'off property' to the guard shack so long cya dont come back.

    one of the fired guys was still mad that someone tried to intervene in the fight so he decided to take his keys to the 3rd kids (the kid who got slapped and tried to stop it) car. around and around and around till his formerly nice car was good and trashed.

    What great people we work with. I guess its an isolated inncedent and the involved parties are gone but of all the people I know ive never heard of people at my friends places of employment slapping someone then keying their car for trying to keep everyone out of trobule in the first place.

    ups good times.
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    A sad commentary on todays mindset until the ups line. UPS did not cause these people to act this way.

  3. whoa. thanks for clarifying things. i didnt know i was blaming ups till i read your post. thanks for clearing things up. I wasn't trying to pass blame onto UPS but i guess they did hire them so screw it. :censored2: for causing this UPS!
  4. if these guys want to try and get their jobs back the teamsters should just move em to the boxing division. the teamsters get their dues still... i work with 2 less crazy people... everyone wins!
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    no way does a kid get smacked twice and his car keyed after trying to break up a disagreement. he did something to piss the guy off.

    definately a testament to UPS package handling culture though.
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    "Harris suffers from significant mental health issues"

    Great. How many of those you think we got working beside us....
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    I dont think it is a UPS problem, I think its a break down of society problem. I mean who really gets that mad about work? Mental issues, maybe, but I think it is more that people never learn coping skills. Or just how to blow things off, instead of away, if you get p****d off. And if you look at stats, the post office has those problems more than us. "going Postal".
    On a sad note I saw on TV and read the paper and heard on the radio, in Canton Ohio, a new mail carrier, 26 yr old female, so happy to finally be able to have a full time job, got shot in the head and killed in her third week on a route, by a stray bullet. Speaking of the most dangerous hoods in the USA, you just never know. She wasnt targeted, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. God bless her and her family.
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    years ago we had this homeless guy working at the loadwall:bored: nowdays i see punks and gangsta wannabes........
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    either harris can't shoot or the other dude's a lucky guy. never heard anyone walked away from a sawoff shotgun to the head b4.:ohmy:
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    No kidding, all in all, we have alot of guys walking around in too baggy football jerseys, too baggy shorts, and $500 shoes, and the bandanna of their "gangs" But, we do have a few semi-normal guys.
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    "never heard anyone walked away from a sawoff shotgun to the head b4"

    No :censored2:! And his first move was to run after the guy that shot him!

    Brass balls, man, brass balls!
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    Really nothing to do with this thread, just thought I would post it.
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    theres trouble on the twilight
    the kids are not alright
    there was a disagreement
    that turned into a fight
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    do da -do da. everybody sing!