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    I know this is not the right place to put this but one of our own is right in the middle of this. UPSLifer.

    To All,

    I have contacted Ricky and Ryan.

    Ricky will be the point of contact at the Corona home.

    The phone lines in Hawaii are already being jammed. Sirens have gone off and virtually everyone knows about the impending tsunami.
    This will hit the islands starting with Hilo at around 11 AM HST. We are being updated through the hotel and the emergency civil defense system. If possible, I will contact Ricky as soon I can after the initial wave hits. However, multiple waves may hit. The state of Hawaii's infrastructure is scattered and more fragile than the mainland and any damage will probably affect all of us. I do not feel that Sheri and I are in imminent danger. We will be evacuated vertically to the 5th floor and higher. Our hotel goes up nine floors. We are currently on the 4th floor facing the ocean.

    Sheri & I are preparing what we need right now and will not be communicating further and then only a quick call or text or email or face book update to Ricky.... as this situation progresses. We need to keep lines open for emergency purpose.

    There are areas of the islands that are being evacuated as I write this. The islands are shutting down everything but emergency services - gasoline and supply stores. Most of these stores and stations will be shut down in a couple of hours.

    It has been a generation since this happened in Hawaii and 1960 when a 9.5 quake from Chile hit the islands and caused casualties and major damage to Hilo. It is very nerve racking with the sirens continuing to go off at regular intervals.

    If possible I will communicate to all when it is safe to do so.

    Please don't send any emails back - We know you all care and wish us well!

    Love to all

    Everyone please send your prayers. I will update any emails that I may get over the next few hours.
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    I got that same post from Lifer on my fb wall too. I wish everybody the best in this situation.
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    I've been plowing all morning. What the heck did I miss?
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    a plot by al gore & bho to destroy all birth records in Hi.
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    An 8.8 earthquake on the coast of Chile. The tsunami is expected to hit Hawaii at about 4pm est.
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    Just an 8.8 quake in Chile and Tsunami warning for the Pacific rim 6-8 foot tall wave traveling at 500 mph. Last I heard.
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    Typical American News ! I watched that video.... funny how they always cut Canada off the map..... Tsunami goes all the way to Seattle... ends and starts at Alaska again ! BS !!!!
    It will hit Vancouver Island at 13.11 PST time.

    Even during the Olympics.. in Vancouver, Canada still gets cut off the US weather maps.....

    Good luck in Hawaii.... yes that hits at 11.00
    We get good news coverage here.
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    Well, if you want Canadian news....go to Canada. This is the U.S. and we have mostly U.S. News.....although Chile is the bulk of our news today.
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    They could have atleaST shown that green line going all the way up the North American Continent... and not break it up, as if it doesn't hit here.
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    wow... and all this time I thought Canada had just disappeared..... conspiracy I tell you
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    Some countries can`t take a hint! :happy2:
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    Klein, will you please just shut up. Not everything is about you.
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    Where is Canada?
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    what? US news in the US? When did they start that?
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    However, multiple waves may hit. The state of Hawaii's infrastructure is scattered and more fragile than the mainland and any damage will probably affect all of us.

    The islands themselves have enough sustenance. Never heard of camping and fishing. Some islands have deer, oxen, goat, pig, pheaseants, turkey, duck. Not everyone needs electricity to survive. Electricity makes life easier.
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    I think all US news should be about Canada.
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    I used to think that Tie was the most self-absorbed self-centered poster here. (No offense Tie. :peaceful:) I was wrong. He has nothing on you.
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    Lol, nice! don't know how I missed that!
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    Yes, doesn't look good for the pacific Islands.. (hawaii, etc).
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    Here we go. The news live camera shots of the Hilo Bay beach show the water level is receding. The reef is exposed. Just waiting the Tsunami waves to show up. Search Justintv for live camera feeds.