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  1. UnloaderAM

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    Hello, I just have a minor question about the tuition reimbursement program. I am going to submit my info to edcor for processing (and whatnot) for last semester (fall 08). I was just wondering if I am supposed to submit an official transcript from my university or if I can submit a non official one(ie one I print off my computer)? Any help is apprecaited.
  2. drewed

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    I would say official just in caase
  3. gandydancer

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    If it were me I'd send them the screenshot and give them hell if they made a fuss. It's not like you can't tell them how to log on and see it themselves if they think you're photoshopping them. But if you're hand-to-mouth and can't risk a delay, ask them how anal they are about it.
  4. code5

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    Ive always printed off an unofficial transcript from my computer and never had a problem. I've done it 14 different classes.
  5. UnloaderAM

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    Thanks for the advice guys. It is much appreciated.
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