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    So I started at ups as an unloaded and have just recently taken advantage of the tuition reimbursement by applying for it in January at the start of my semester. In mid February I put my name on a bid sheet to work as odc in the air department (still in the same hub). Now when my semester finished I went to log onto edcor to file my reimbursement and now it tells me I'm ineligible. I contacted edcor. They told me to contact hr and they told me to contact my regional hr. She told me that she is going to contact corporate and find out if there is anything they can do and that it might take a couple of weeks for an answer (potentially making me miss the deadline to file for reimbursement for my summer classes ). It's my opinion that in no way I should be ineligible for tuition assistance since I'm still a part time employee. Can anyone give me some insight on this. Or give me a corporate phone number . Does anyone here work as odc and receive tuition assistance ?

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    It can vary by shifts, buildings and position in the company. Some buildings only have it for the preload, and some buildings don't have it at all. Also, in some buildings, you have to be in management to be eligible for it. It's too much hassle.