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Cmon guys. Hunter’s laptop was never and is never going to change a thing.

Still amazed that the story was out there and FOX, OAN, and the Enquirer didn’t make it a centerpiece. Or maybe they did but they’d damaged their credibility so much that nobody listened to them.
One of every six Biden voters (17%) said they would not have voted for him had they known the facts about several of the news stories the national media refused to investigate thoroughly because they might have hurt his candidacy.


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So Pfizer had one of their board members on tv everyday while silencing opposing views? Shocker. People should start going to prison now over this hoax.


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Thanks for letting me know I’m right. If you can’t take the truth, stay out of the thread. Let me be clear, I’m not the one that lied to you. How ironically, the censoring being done……in the Twitter Files thread. Smh. Hopefully that same energy would be directed at the people who actually lied to you. That’s why I’m here, BC I GOT LIED TO ABOUT COVID!


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