Type 2 diabetic driver on insulin not allowed to drive or work inside.

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    I have been with UPS for 21 years (8 part-time & 13 as a full time driver) I was scheduled to come back to work 3 weeks ago from a nine month stress leave. I went to take my DOT Physical (my DOT card expired while I was off) and I was denied du to the fact that I started taking a once-a-day insulin shot to help control my diabetes. I was told by my center manager that I am a driver and if I can't drive I can't work (alluding to no work inside either) I have been trying to get back to work inside so I can get my Benefits reinstated (my benefits were denied 6 months into my 9 month leave). Neither my center manager or my Teamster rep know what to do. I know there have been other cases but from what I have read most of those drivers were offered inside work while their cases were being worked out. Does anyone know what the protocol is for a driver that can't drive but can work? I have been told to enroll in the UPS Diabetes Protocol waver but that will not help me since I have no way of driving a vehicle under 10,000lbs (not enough sonority because I transferred to a new center last year)
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    This is why you pay Union dues.
    Get the BA involved and if he/she "don't know", get the local president involved.

    ​Good luck.
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    Or a lawyer.
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    I am working with a law firm now. Regardless of how soon I get back to work, I will not stop till this overbearing blanket law (UPS Diabetes Protocol Waver) is changed to differentiate Type 1 from type 2 diabetics. I also think there needs to be some type of precedent set to allow a UPS driver who can not drive because of insulin to get inside work immediately and without question.
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    They let our guys drive here, or at least in the feeder dept, as long as they take a pill and not an injection.
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    Here you could do shifting work in the yard. As long as you never leave property you're good.
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    A law firm that specializes in the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act). Also talk with the EEOC, since they are charged with implementing and enforcing the law.