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    Hello does any one have a HR number for me to use please,

    i work at UPS Leyland Hub, HR Person was a M. Fergurson last time i spoke with her was a long time ago and don't have the number i believe she's based at Manchester Irlam?

    Basically there has been no payment made of over time for our whole shift, it was due over two weeks ago and we are yet to receive it, it makes up a fair chunk of our wage every month

    Had various dates given where payment was to be made, but to no avail.

    We was again told it would be paid in the bank ready to use today, again more deceit on their behalf, still none the wiser as to when its going to be paid.

    Informed my manager / supervisor yesterday that unless I get the overtime I cannot put fuel in the bike and it was due to come on reserve, (40 mile round trip)

    He told me our Manager (based at Tamworth) had confirmed it and I was assured it would be in the bank, not to worry etc.

    Well now I cant get to work tonight as i don't have money to put fuel in to get there, this is not my fault and i'm annoyed now at the situation.

    Want to report the Situation to HR as I feel I may have to get my union rep in on a meeting if they try to get me to sign for an absence as this is through no fault of my own.
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  2. seb421

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    Well yet again still no pay today the 14th that's 20 days now since we should have had it paid (24th), what a joke!

    Another day, another broken promise.

    Feeling like we have been failed by UPS, some staff are facing bank charges now because of this.
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    Ups is B/s
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    Don't pay me for OT then I'm not working OT.
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    Why don't you just call the labour board and get things going ?
    You'll get paid a lot faster that way.
    Here in Alberta, Canada, it's against the law to work OT without being paid for it (both employee and employer can be fined if they reached an agreement not to pay OT).

    IT's against the law, period !

    I personally pointed that out to my current boss, because I sure didn't want to work against government labour laws, which I personally can be penalized for.

    (in my case he wanted me to work 46 hrs per week without paying any OT - I said either cut my hrs or pay up) ! And I also printed out a copy of the Alberta labour law - hrs of work and OT pay and gave it to him.

    It was done ! :)
    (got my hrs cut, though).
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    calling really helped you?