Unassigned full time drivers and cover drivers on the 9.5 list?

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    1) a full time bid driver works over (3) 9.5 days in a (5) day work week..... he can add himself to the list.

    2) an unassigned full time driver runs that route during the full time drivers vacation........ and works (3) over 9.5 days on it.... CAN HE ADD HIMSELF TO THE OVER 9.5 LIST? .............. if he can... can he also grieve for the penalty pay in (2) months when he runs that route again and works over (3) 9.5 days?

    3) I understand that the FULL TIME BID driver has to be on the 9.5 list first, but I was wondering about FULL TIME UNASSIGNED drivers being able to add/recieve pay

    4) cover drivers are just part time and out of the loop all together?

    THANKS PALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. thats a real good question dish! albeit half the stewards on this forum are scratchin there heads too!
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    I can tell you how it works here.
    Once a bid driver adds himself 9.5 list, any cover driver who runs his route during his vacation can file an over 9.5 grievance. If he runs it again 2 months later and he's over 9.5 for 3 out of 5 then he can file for the penalty pay. We don't have part time cover drivers, all our cover drivers are regular full time.
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    "Part time driver"?? Do you mean air driver?? There are no part time package car drivers!!
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    Some people confuse swing driver with cover driver and vice versa. Here a swing driver is full-time but doesn't have his/her own rte,they "cover" open rte's. Cover drivers are part-timers filling rte's for vacations,sick,option days full-timers take. They will work full-time hours but are considered part-time. Now here's a catch...if any cover driver works driving for 120 days in a year,then they have to hire the highest senior cover driver as full-time. Make sense?

    Edit: To O/P,any driver here can be put on the 9.5 list. Cover,swing & bid as long as you work 3 days in a week over 9.5.
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    Basically, assuming you are talking about a FT driver that is covering what ever rtes are available, the answer is yes. There will be differences in language based on where you are so my answer is based on what I know in the Western States and more specifically in my area.

    Here, a bid driver does not have to be on the 9.5 list for a (FT without a bid driver) to file 9.5's. I have filed many times on this and I have gotten the penalty pay as well.

    You would be better off talking to your steward.