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    In '85 We had p1 and e2 service. If you were full time you probably had 25-30 p1 , 20 e2 and pu's. The part timers started at 1500. Most full timers hanged around and helped with pu's for a while. You had profit sharing twice a year. The Dec check was in the 1500 range. Summer in the 800's. We had a employee stock purchase plan....They would take your pretaxed dollars and buy quarterly the median price of stock with an additional 15% taken off that. No deductible of course. My starting pay 10.58 with topout at 13.16 and fulltime in under a year. Most full timers had time to nap under trees in mid day. 28 years later and i'm at $24 with a health care I cant afford to use. How much is UPS making?
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    $33.09. with 3-year topout and free medical. Retirement is roughly double what a 25 year employee would have gotten under the old plan...not the PPP. I don't want to depress you with more.
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    No hitting on my hot Mexican chicks, OK?