Unfair Production Standards

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    Unfair Production Standards

    This is a reminder of our upcoming national day of action on Thursday April 28th at UPS to protest the unfair harassment and production standards UPS is trying to impose upon our bargaining unit members. This day is also National Workers Memorial Day.

    This action is not geared towards the public but rather towards management at UPS


    Let them her your voice in the morning .........................sir Im sick today.​
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    How did it go?
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    This is really no time to be fooling around with a good job........or you could be doing hot dogs like Klein!! (not that there's anything wrong with that)

    Today you find hundreds of people showing up for just one job opening.
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    Fooling around? I think UPS is the one doing the fooling.
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    It went well and quite a bit of comraderie from the part-timers, which was nice. We had the stickers and our local president was around the building.

    It's really a sad situation what is going on in our hub. I can't describe how bad, because every day seems to be getting worse and any description would be obsolete by the time I said it. ;D
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    What a friggin joke! Management should be going on strike! having to deal with union employees is horrible! They have little to no work ethic, and don't have to have any accountability because the adult babysitters club (union) will protect them. Pathetic.
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    I disagree.

    For one, supervisors are not covered under the National Labor Relations Act.

    Many union workers have exceptional work ethic.

    If done right, using proper management employee relations and workplace discipline holding workers accountable is very simple.

    The main problem is the low level managers are given little authority, if any.

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    Great 804 turn out in Nassau!!!!
    Ups suits were taking pictures of the rally in personal cars and even the police were on property. Was a peaceful protest of course.
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    Our inflateable fat cat was a huge success.
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    Sandy Pope was at the 804 rally, was nice to have her there.
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    UPS has the best drivers in the business

    try paying them squat and driving them like slaves like DHL tried and see where that gets you
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    Waste of time
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    Got any pics?
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    unfortunately, you couldn't be more right.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. We would not be in business for over 100 years if we didn't have strong work ethic from both union and non-union folks alike. The company and the union both do an exceptional job weeding out the bad ones
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    You are completely wrong.... it takes a LOT of work to be lazy in our environment. I am very good at it.
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    have to ask about this -
    "If done right, using proper management employee relations and workplace discipline holding workers accountable is very simple."

    What are you basing this statement on? How many union workers have you held accountable?
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    I agree. In 38 years, I have not seen many slackers at UPS and most of them did not last long here.
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    You are correct, we have the best in the industry. Not to worry, we do not have the same business model as DHL. Our business model is to pay drivers the absolutely highest in the industry, by a long shot, and then beat them like red headed step children to get more out of them than the rest of the industry, by a long shot. It seems to be working...