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We have a couple guys that have lots of ups hats made. Then they sell them to drivers.

It's cracked down on every so often but we seem to get away with a lot in our building when it comes to appearance standards.


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Looks like some supe has taken it upon himself to be your personal hemorrhoid.
Its been that way since day one with him when i was qualifying as a new driver 3 years ago on some training route he trained me on for three days. The same sup that told me i will not make it and be back to preload in a few weeks.
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at my center my shop steward uniform checked me and told me I can't wear a hoodie and light and dark brown UPS hat but management was fine with it.


Package Car is cake compared to this...
If you can’t wear it, then don’t wear it. But I’m guessing, like all management, they aren’t wearing a name tag.

Remind him that he is also out of compliance, per Article 20, Section 5 of the Master Contract. Tell him if you wearing your hat is such a high crime, that’s fine, but you will file a grievance to make them get into compliance also.

We have a contract for a reason.