Uniforms and Laundering?

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  1. gamer282

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    How many of you use the laundry service for your shorts. Well here in Palm Beach County in Rivera Beach we use Cintas. And They SUCK! I had 255 shorts in the system as of 2 years ago and since then have been ordered another 30 pair from what I can guess.
    I was on workmans comp for 2 months and when I got back I had 3 pair in the locker room. When I asked the center manager about the situation he said he just saw the Cintas guy pick up 42 pair in a bag of mine. Its now been 3 more weeks and not one of those have come back.
    A co-worker went home yesterday because he had no shorts and today was standing around waiting after start time for them. Does Atlanta care about how many shorts are issued because they just ordered me 10 more. Or are they trying to push us into doing our own laundering???
    Drivers do their own laundry but also wear their uniforms in full to and from work. I'd rather not, seeing it is in our contract for them to launder them, my wife has enough to do.
    Does anybody have a contact I can call Atlanta to see if I do my own if I can be reimbursed?
  2. yeldarb

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    I deduct mine on taxes. My CPA says the allowance is 7 bucks a week.
  3. MR_Vengeance

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    how does this work? ( tax deduction)
  4. SmithBarney

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    We are not offered this service in our center...

    Our mechanic gets his done weekly.

    I have 5 pair of shorts and 5 pair of pants, and 10 shirts.. roughly..
    42 pairs of shorts... thats insane.
  5. speeddemon

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    The only thing they will launder in our facility is our pants, which no one uses .
  6. moreluck

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    Old story, but true....in a small center, in a small town hubby was a center mgr. This center offered the laundry service for pants also, but all of the drivers except one did their own laundry. The one driver who insisted on the laundry service was a real jerk about it.

    Rather than contract some professional svc. for just one guy, I told my hubby to bring the pants home and I did the laundry & ironed this driver's pants. I did this for a couple months.

    This guy turned out to be the biggest complainer (you know the type), so one day I decided to hem his pants. This guy was short anyway, but I gave him pants back that made him look like he was trying to avoid the flood waters. He mysteriously decided to have his wife do the laundering of his pants in the future.

    Gosh, those were the fun old days! You know, that driver mellowed out shortly after this incident and became a model employee.

    Just call me 333....I'm only half evil !
  7. sendagain

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    Pants used to disappear from our laundry service years ago; I often discovered they'd been ripped off by another driver. I always washed my own shorts (when they started to allow them) and never lost any clothes again.
  8. wildgoose

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    Wash your own clothes and you won`t have any problems !
  9. scratch

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    We haven't had a laundry service for years, they only do the mechanics now. We are only issued three pairs of shorts and three pairs of long pants, never more than that. Back when we had the service, it was so bad, your pants didn't show up half the time, guys would go through the clothes rack trying to find someone elses that were their size. I just wash my own, its easier.
  10. Ms Spoken

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    I would like to know more about this allowance for cleaning my browns?? My CPA writes off 80% use of my cell phone due to work.

    your killing me "333".. Just glad your hubby was not in my area at the time. :sneaky2:
  11. rod

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    You better hope you don't get audited. You are not required to have a cell phone for the job so I don't think you can leagally write it off.
  12. xkingx

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    we wash our own..although the cinta guy was there today for the mechanics..
  13. Ms Spoken

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    That is why I have hired a CPA and my cell phone is part of my job. Thats why we only write off 80% and all my call logs show the truth if ever audited. My CPA will write everything I have that is work related as long as I have the receipt to prove what I have spent. Ex: Union dues, Boots, thermal clothes, socks, Maps, United Way donations. Every dollar helps when you deal with the IRS as long as it's legal.
  14. yeldarb

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    My CPA let me know about the allowance for it. I also write off a portion of my cell phone, work boots, and gloves. Anything work related which is not a car related expense is usually deductable.
  15. toonertoo

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    I deduct mine on my taxes also, and I was only charging them 5 bucks a week. Id rather smell like snuggle than whatever they use. Im the wife and I have too much to do also, but I sure didnt like it when I got to work and had to borrow shorts....or pants, so I just do my own, and usually I can handle a load of uniforms, even tho Im busy. So Ill increase it to 7 this yr. Thanks for the tip!!!!
    I also write off part of my cell phone bill. Mine is totally work related, them calling me, me calling them, customers calling me, and one call a day asking when Ill be home.................They can audit me all they want, I have every receipt, every bill, show me how I didnt use it for "work", required by UPS no, appreciated and used , ABSOlutely.
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  16. Ms Spoken

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    Well if this is true then why cant I write off one of those real nice washers you see on the Sears Commerical? hahaha Just kidding but, it is a nice thought. Have a good weekend.
  17. Ruralbrownman

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    I have been with UPS for 22 years and I remember when there was a washer and dryer in our building and the porters actually did the laundry. Now we have a local cleaner who stops twice a week in the summer and three times a week in the winter and it costs the center alot more then when the porters did it.
  18. hoser

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    I'd rather get a shipping discount than have a laundry service. Anyone agree?
  19. toonertoo

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    Gamer, how could you have ever acquired 255 pair of shorts? AS I recall when we had to buy them they were 40 bucks a pair. And how could you order 30 more? Talk about pork spending................

    10 will do most of us. I dont have 255 of anything, including pieces in my own wardrobe...........
  20. Tooner,
    What you don't understand is that in that center they will order uniforms whenever someone asks.
    Gamer, did you find your shoe's???