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    :ohmy: This is a basic responsibility of the Union is to protect you as a dues paying member. Which is one of the many reasons you pay those hefty dues each month.

    Lately, many local Union Stewards/Reps. seem to be ignoring (forgetting?) or possibly foresaking these basic rights per the Teamsters/UPS labor agreement. Perhaps for thier own financial interests?

    Weingarten Rights::thumbup1:

    "If this discussion would lead in any way to my being disciplined or terminated or have any effect on my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union Representative, Officer or Steward be present at this meeting. Without representation, I choose not to participate in this discussion."

    Make sure that if you are cornered, sequestered, or in any other way badgered into a one-on-one situation with management, you exert your Weingarten rights.

    Also, make sure the Union follows through with the defense they should provide you, with respect to those rights.

    If not, file a grievance, then hire some big gun labor law attorney's to wake up the Union as to why they exist in the first place!

    Mosel Tov! :wink:

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    What exactly are you trying to tell us? Do you know of stewards that won't go into meetings with the company when asked by a member? I would hope not.But if true, vote him or her the hell out !!!!Dont suffer in silence,its OUR UNION you do hold power in voicing your views. :w00t:
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    Re: ????????

    It's our union?Thats almost laughable.It's HOFFAS union,It's HOFFAS due money.1980 the IBT sucks it's sad but Hoffas in it for his own finacial gain only they could care less about protecting the hard working slaves who provide them the life style of the rich and wealthy.Im screaming WAKE UP!Get rid of the sleezy crooks before you have nothing.
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    Good thread. Works as kind of a reminder for some. Many newbies don't understand these things. And believe it or not.....in Right To Work States the union has to represent a non dues paying employee just the same as they would represent a die hard dues paying Teamsters for life. Whether people like it or not it is the law. The problem with that is that no one can really prove whether or not they recieved half-assed representation. Either way....the law is the law. Whether it be management ignoring the contract (which is the same thing as breaking the law) or the IBT representing their members and non members equally.
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    Thats a good little tidbit of information to know. I knew a union steward had to be present for any kind of questioning or interrogation by management, but I wasn't sure where the right came from. I know in my hub its automatic, if a manager needs to question and or discipline anybody they get the nearest steward.
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    Only hoffa has a wine garden,
    I`ve heard its quite nice
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    I've also seen it go the other way where someone recieves discipline because the guy insisted on a steward being present where he would have gotten a talk with if he had not.
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    May you also know, that the company doesn't decide who represents you, as far as the steward is concerned. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with a particular steward, find the one you feel most comfortable with. Also, ask to view your employee file from time to time, just to see where you stand, and what's being written about you. And yes, you do have that right. Remember this, you're the fiddle in the middle, you have to protect yourself.
  9. brett636

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    That is a problem we have in our hub. One shift has only one steward and that steward might as well wear a tie to work everyday with the way he supports the management. I don't believe management is in the wrong everytime, but this steward sides with them just about everytime, and even lectures the employees while the attendening supervisor/manager remains silent. This steward has even threatened hourly employees with their job.
  10. over9five

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    That's your own fault. You can call for a steward election any time. Find someone who will not lie down for management and CALL FOR AN ELECTION!
  11. brett636

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    That is something I and a few other employees are considering. The problem is finding someone willing to take on the job.
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    I have been hauled into the office before and they (UPS) think they did me a favor by calling in the shop steward ahead of time. The steward is such a wimpy company man, I excused myself for a moment and brought in one of my best friends who has an excellent memory and UPS likes. If you are in a building that files a lot of grievances, chances are you have good stewards. If you work in a building such as mine where grievances are rarely filed, you probably have a bad steward. You have to know the rules yourself, bottom line, and represent yourself.
  13. 1980

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    If you work in a building such as mine where grievances are rarely filed, you probably have a bad steward. You have to know the rules yourself,

    Hey Helen file the grievance yourself.It does not have to start with the steward.Better yet, run yourself and you can fix all the problems. Excuse my bluntness but if YOUR NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOURE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
  14. helenofcalifornia

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    I know, I know. I am part of the problem but it's like Don Quixote and fighting the windmills. It's an uphill battle when you have minimal or no support from other Teamsters. You come in from driving and you are tired, you want to go home to see your family, take a shower, eat, rest and get ready for the next day. I know, I know.
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    Being a steward is an admirable and necessary part of this thing that we do. The job, like all jobs, has it's ups and downs, but the real gratification is when you can help somebody who really needs your help. It doesn't come from fighting over insignificant slights, but being a part of a bigger thing.
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    Brett, I have been doing this for 17 years and as a steward for 14 of those. You can make a difference. The first thing you need to do is see your business agent and let him know that you are interested in what it takes to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Tell the business agent that you would like some information on being a shop steward; chances are that he will give you a hand book on learning some responsibilities, then you will need to start familiarizing yourself with the international contract and any suppliments you may be under. You will not be sorry you did this.
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    Thats right its important you have good strong union leadership that pisses everyone off and makes it much harder for everyone to do their jobs.