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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Derf, Jan 4, 2017.

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    I wasn't answering your question, I was responding to ez's post. Hope your finger recovers from the trauma.
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    I know. No one wants to answer my question.
    Look, it's all better now. Thx.:onesmiley1:
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    Pretty sure it was answered right here...

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    Pretty sure it wasn't.
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    What easy money is saying, is in order for the anyone to know there is anything wrong a grievance needs to be filed. That is how we document our issues. Since it's not covered in the contract and it's a violation of article 6 we need grievances. I know this might not be what you want to hear but it's what we've got.
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    Pretty sure this is the question. Filling out the application online is easy (with the answers in front of you) and passing it is the prerequisite for qualifying to go to Integrad.
    After said employee becomes ft the management says that it was a job requirement to know it and evidently that has some truth associated with it.
    Where is the discipline for not knowing it? I have never seen it yet BUT the statement that it was a requirement to "know" it during the application process has some merit because you don't go into driving (at least thru Integrad) if you fail to complete the application correctly.
    Therefore, the question I was asking for resolution on was is the Integrad graduate liable for this information since it was a "job requirement" prior to qualifying.
    The Integrad graduate is undoubtedly the best employee I've seen at regurgitating the safety info but still undoubtedly the worst at withstanding mind games from management when it comes to reacting to poor dispatch and loads but believing that running "scratch" is the main goal they have to adhere to the rest of their careers.
    The methods are great as long as the parameters/variables don't change and we all know that is a joke.
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    My battle was not with you sir... Apparently you are the safest among us
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    I'll give you credit for persistence.

    You should focus that drive, towards dealing with your Local.

    It was all right there.... but, for you, I'll clarify it further.

    The company can determine the parameters, for the qualification process.

    I would defer you, to your Local Union for further assistance.

    Or, we get in to that whole PayPal thing. ;)

    @LeadBelly2.0 , @ezmoney5150 , and @Inthegame , all confirm the existence of the issue

    and offer further advice on dealing with it.

    Just to add a little gravy on top;

    If the company (tried) to take disciplinary action....

    Then, the issue becomes a subject of "collective bargaining".

    Which ain't gonna happen.

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    That is and or was a funny one yes sir.
    Thx for the chuckle.:rolleyes:
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    Was this always the case in your Local, was the "safety committee" always what it should be?
    I've heard stories of some locals who have had to shut their committee down completely, due to the committee not operating as provided in Art 18.
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    The stories you've heard, are true.

    We've done it.... in my Local. (on one particular shift)

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    I answered it. What more do you want?
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    I couldn't help myself.