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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wannabeups, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I am a feeder driver, who is layed off. I went to the hub. Why won't the Union allow me a TEMPORARY withdrawal from the union. Money is sooooo freaking tight.

    Went on a mission trip to New Orleans, to help some of the people rebuild their houses. Took vacation to do it. Kind of makes you really wonder if there is a God.

    I don't mind the work in the hub at all, matter of fact I am getting back in pretty good shape.
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    I counted eight different topics in that one post, so I might be off topic if I try to address the existance of God based on helping rebuild houses under the thread title of union dues. Getting in shape is good, congrats. Take this opportunity to rebuild your budget based on the money which is available now, and stick to it after you return to more income. Wish I had put in for vacation this early.. I always forget about it until it's too late.
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    On the topic of New Orleans, I drove through the Gulf Coast about 5 months after Katrina. All I can say about it is, Americans have NO idea how bad it really is. They see a little tidbit on the news about how everything is being rebuilt. The media coverage is pathetic. If you want to get a dose of reality, take a ride from Gulfport to New Orleans on I 10.
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    Are you doing an union job in the hub?
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    You ain't lying the church group I was in was in the St. Bernards Parish. Our initial project was to "recover" an 83 year old ladys house. After pulling the base boards and stuff, found the house also had alot of termite damage so inspector said it had to be torn down and rebuilt. We made a donation, our donation along with others will be able to build her a new house.

    Not only had this lady lost her house, but while she was evacuated her grandson lost his life in an auto accident. Part of my group was assigned to help a 90 year old man with one leg rebuild his house.

    While I was down there I caught an inner ear infection. Went to the health clinic. I was asked why I was down there. (I had to show my out of state license). The people in the waiting room, the nurses, doctor who treated me and the pharmacist, all thanked me and told me to pass on thanks in my group.

    I really pisses me off to no end that our SORRY ASS government can be half around the world to rebuild stuff and we can't do anything for our OWN people.
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    I don't know if it is or not. I have been working the day shift and twilight sorts. The supervisors said I am above the learning curve on the day shift where I am loading trucks. My scans per hour is right around the 200 range, I am working myself back into cardio shape.

    On the twilight sort I usually unload one trailer, then they send me to what is called a metro slide, after I get it cleaned up they send me to irregs, and then back to unloading, I do alot bouncing around on the twilight shift
  7. yeah that is union work, sounds like they have you in a combo job (if you're doing both jobs everyday) which is basically a full time indoor union job.
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    If a tornado blew my house off the foundation here in WI the insurance that I pay for will cover it. If I lived below sea level in a hurricane zone.............