Union Fee Keeps Changing Every Week

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    Exactly what the title says...

    I notice how the union fee goes up everytime you get a raise which I already knew. I am at $12.12 a hour and my union fee is $7.50 a week. That's Fine....but..every now and then I notice a change. 3 weeks ago, the union took $15 from my check for the union fee, the week after it went down to 7.50 as normal, then last week it was 7.75, now again this week it was 15 dollars? Am I missing something? I feel like I am getting robbed, and I printed out 5 weeks of pay stubs to bring into work today to confront them about it because that is just nuts. I am not going to work 1 hour and 15 minutes just to pay off the over priced wrong union fee. $7.50 is ok, but it changing to $15 every other week is not right, and I feel like leaving the union because that is a lot of money every week I am missing out on.. I can live with the 7.50, but not no 15 dollars a week.....can anyone shed some light on this? should I bring the papers into work 2nite?