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    OK, I've been having some hassles on the sort aisle. My sarcastic mouth has not been appreciated by a couple women and one has gone so far as to report that I threatened to slash her tires and, on another occasion, to kill her. Not my style at all. I say what I say and will openly repeat it in front of union rep or management. My remarks are related to their unwillingness to do the job which makes mine more difficult. Example: Shut up and sort
    Stop gawking around so much and maybe you can handle your own door.
    Yes, my mouth can be a problem.

    Note - these two are quota and maybe I am too. I'm the old white woman with more seniority, they are black. Racial issues are sensitive at best and no one has the courage to tell it the way it is. I've kept my mouth shut regarding race.

    After one accused me of cussing her out on the sort aisle there were several meetings. At the first one, union rep sat right next to me. Next day first thing there was another meeting, no union rep in building. center manager chose one of his safety pets as witness. One of his statements during the meeting was that I had threatened him the previous day with body language. This, combined with the other alleged threats would result in a warning letter. I didn't threaten him, merely watched to see if he could look me in the eye, which he could not.

    I grieved the warning and will go to panel. Asked the union rep to put down in writing that I did NOT threaten center manager at the first meeting, never said a foul word, didn't clench fists or get up to kick his butt. Rep is not willing to do this, insisting that center manager can say whatever he wants. Yes, he can but he saw no threatening behavior and I need it in writing to take with me. Will help prove that this center manager can't tell a threat from :censored2: in the ground. Rep isn't going to document this for me.

    Who is he representing? I'm not asking him to mention any other teamster's behavior or comments, only that of management. Threatening center manager in his own office isn't good behavior and if it's fabricated, this needs to be known.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle this? I feel I should call the BA but fear it will come back on my center rep and I will pay the price down the road. This rep has not done much in the past by pointing out that the false and horrible accusations were never seen or heard by anyone. He handles these women with kid gloves, as does management.

    I don't want to play race card at all but the accusations are clearly hood talk and I'm not from the hood. Should I even bother pointing out the wording of the accusations at panel?

    This mess involves the forbidden area of race relations. I've never feared telling it the way it is in the past. This, however, could result in termination. I know enough to focus on the harassment of management, which has certainly been taking place but the wording of the accusations should be brought up as evidence of their origin.

    Any input regarding the refusal of union to back me on threatening the center manager and/or wisdom in pointing out accusation wording will be appreciated. Positive or negative, I'll take it.
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    grow up.....are u in 9th grade? how bout u do your job and not worry bout others....let your work speak for you and there work speak for them
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    She is grown up and does her job. The problem is someone is playing the race card to get her fired and take her job. The job steward is not backing her up and doing his. This is a "my word against your word" type situation, and the wrong people are playing favorites.
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    I would contact the Employee Relations Manager and just get it on record.
  5. drewed

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    Its not your job to supervise your coworkers so dont do it.
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    Hey dill, I just took the safety pet position, so be nice to me.

    It's okay for the boss to have an opinion. In his opinion, you threatened him. Doesn't have to be a fact, just his own thoughts. As far as the Steward not backing you on this, I think it's all in the wording, so just ask him to write a letter detailing everything that happened in the meeting. That should be enough to back your version of things.

    I have a pretty strong way of handling situations like this, as well. I'm a hot head as far as my center manager is concerned, though people I know think I'm the kinder, gentler, Steve, now.

    Using eye to eye contact intimidates a lot of people. I do this in everyday conversations, which makes people afraid to talk to me. I tell you, take it easy, let the girls trip all over themselves, and when they do, the truth will be known. This is what I refer to as the Judo technique. Be calm, tell the truth, then sit back relax and enjoy the show.:happy2:
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    Great responses, thanks for every one of them!

    Ninth grade, yep some of it is downright juvenile and I'm not proud of my part. However, the death threat story was troubling. If they believed it they'd have fired me on the spot.

    Not to supervise, Drewed, but dip behavior making my job harder leads to verbal output of some sort. Can't and won't lower my standards to their level.

    Hope it can get settled without 800 number. That would be a rough way to go.

    Congrats on becoming the kinder, gentler Steve. Safety pets are a necessary evil when used as tools. You're no tool. Your suggestion on the rep situation is excellent and I feel he'll do a fair job. Maybe the way it was asked put him in a rough spot.

    scratch - you sense the frustration and thanks for recognizing it.

    All right. Work safe, control mouth and survive. Kinder and gentler dillweed? he, he
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    Its not upto you to bring someones lackluster performance to their attention, if the supervisor doesnt see it you bring it to their attention. youre opening yourself up to trouble if you take it into your own hands
  9. dillweed

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    Supervisor is standing beside her, sorting her pkgs. :biting:

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Just do your job and keep the mouth shut. If you need to tell co-workers to move faster and work harder. Put your letter of intent to supervise in before you practice.

    It takes a stronger person to keep his/her mouth shut than to make comments. Just remember these people that are pissing you off are less seniority than you and always will be. You will always have more choices than them in anything at UPS.

    I had trouble with a guy 12 years ago, always made comments to me. Wanted to pound his head through the boxline. But I controlled myself, and am the better man for it. The guy is still a loser and always will be, but I smile and say hi when I'm walking out of the building and he's walking in.
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    The Heffer Man is right.

    Next; I had a similar problem. Remember your Weingarten (sp?) rights. You do not have to say a word if you do not have a union rep present.

    Do not call BA. Go and meet face to face to get some advice . There, you will get a stronger impression if the union will back you up.

    Before meeting BA. I would talk to a couple lawyers that practice labor law.

    Race issues are very dangerous. Don't take any chances and do your homework.
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    If you are all three working the sort aisle, can't you work behind them so that you won't have to get their misses? Very frustrating to work in front of people that don't work as fast as you.
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    During a meeting with management that is obviously going to concern possible disciplinary action, you don't have to answer questions without a union representative (steward) present. They shouldn't have continued questioning you without a steward if they determine they are going to discipline you. That should help your case if you bring it up.
  14. dillweed

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    Oh Heffer - alarm goes off, I grab a cup of coffee, come into the cafe and am struck right up side the head with harsh but sound advice!

    Great input from all, as usual. We've had three crabby females and two poor guys up there trying just to stay alive between us.

    For whatever reason, management keeps us bunched together.

    The warning letter is a crock, as there are just no witnesses to non-events. All that can be done is to go to panel with documentation of events, which I have.

    Meanwhile, do job, stay quiet and watch. Good day to all! dw
  15. ih8tbrn

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    I'm willing to bet that this type of stuff happens in every center, because it happens in mine too. Unfortunately, it seems that the supervisor is either powerless or unwilling to do anything about it. I've gone Steve's route lately also. I've resigned myself to the fact that nothing I do or say is going to change other people, so now I keep my mouth shut and worry about myself. I actually leave work a lot happier and less stressed nowadays.
  16. blue efficacy

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    Sounds like he is finally starting to get it. :)
  17. Channahon

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    How do you talk with someone and not have eye contact? Although, I did have an employee who would roll her eyes up and keep them there, during conversation, and not in a disprectful way either. That's just how she carried on conversations.

    She was a customer counter clerk, and understanding her contact with customers, I was a bit concerned that customers may have taken her communication skills, as being rude.

    So one day, I just had to ask her why she always rolls her eyes and keeps them upward during conversations.

    She told me her whole family does that, she didn't even know she was doing it. And wouldn't you know it, at a UPS open house, her family came, and her mom did the same thing, while being introduced to me.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!! Just thought I would share.
  18. 705red

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    File a grievance against the sup for working, a week or two of the sup explaining why they are working will get this lazy sob working!

    If it doesnt, at double time pay per night you can buy a new ride, its a win win for you!
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    So you're telling me that if someone looked at you, say, like this, you wouldn't feel intimidated?[​IMG]
  20. Channahon

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    Only if he had fangs for teeth