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    So I just passed my 30 days 4 weeks back. I dont have any medical and I got tendonitis in my arm like it's no ones business. I hate taking ibuprofen and it has became apart of my diet. The only way to fix it is not use it but I feel that i might be penalized for calling out. I dont want to lose this job or forced to work back on the belts. Should i get unionized?
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    I think you should explore using a brace to reduce the work on your arm. Suppose you did take time off, it would just come back when you start working. What's the point? Also, seniority doesnt always happen at 30 days. My seniority was 90 days. Why dont you try a brace until you have seniority and request a move to sort?
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    Did you do something specific to injury your shoulder (example..a package fell and hit your shoulder)? Or it it just from repetitive lifting? Take advil....try showering when you wake up for work....the hot water will help loosen the tight tendons and ligaments. Ice your shoulder after work if you can. Make sure you are lifting properly...use your power zone and don't overreach.

    Honestly, if you're already having tendon issues this early on...unless you're not lifting properly, I would say maybe reconsider this job. It will slowly break down your body...and you're already having problems. Just sayin.
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    go to a doctor, only they can advise your or give you stuff for it. i know a few guys with same problem that have to wear
    braces to reduce pain. im starting to develop it also but its from my fathers side (bad joints), i plan on going to a sports injruy
    specialist later on to see what the real problem can be. i only take 1 ibuprofen on really bad weeks.
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    Your probably going to have to get a cortisone shot for your elbow. I had it real bad in my elbow last year. Wear one of those braces that the tennis players wear for their elbow. Ice it before and after shift. Try n deal with it until you get your insurance or if you had a secondary insurance like if you were married and your wife had insurance, you could use that insurance to get it treated. Just try hanging in there but if its that bad you definitely need to get to doctor and get that cortisone shot.
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    What does being in the union have to deal with your arm
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    Know what, Dirk? I'm beginning to smell troll.
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    I wonder if Dirk ever found Ringo.

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    You know, I was going to come on here and tell you to suck it up and that tendonitis is childsplay, but then I remembered you unload and that's GOT to be a bitch to deal with while unloading everyday. You either rest the effected tendon and let it heal, or you pop a painkiller/NSAID and keep moving.

    If you're worried about repercussions for legitimately calling out, go ahead and join. You're able to grieve exactly the same whether you're a Teamster or not, but your stewards but go the extra mile in helping protect your job once they know you're a dues-paying member.
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    Ya I do the whole nine yards for recovery and then some. I use this tape for compression called kinesiology tape. It really helps but this repetitive agitation is just killin it and starting to effect my performance. My sup hassles me hard bout getting my trailers done 5-10 min late, but we still make preload. Which is what I dont understand. He also blindly ignores that my arm and back got dorked.
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    You could get done 15 mins after you start, and they would still hassle you about being 5-10 mins late. Don't worry about the time it takes you to get your job done, just work hard, and not worry about their numbers.
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    Thanks chuck. He just threatens to get rid of me and I like it in the unload. I dont have to worry about misloads or that damn belt and the pointless optimum carry. It has it's moments dont get me wrong. I just rather do it my way and I get it done. That way.
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    Youre not wrong it is childs play. Just the repetitive agitation kills me.Without compression tape or ibibuprofen 5lbs is excruciating. Ya the way my luck is I see something getting filed against me.
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    Thats just your wife. You should know her scent by now.
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    Youre not wrong. Its just beginning to really take its toll especially if something cant heal property
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    Not a bad Idea. I use compression tape called kinesiology tape works well with ibuprofen. But when im not working it works fine on its own
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    You can go to the doctor but you are missing the big picture. You claim to be in terrible pain (i'm not saying you're lying) and you've only been here a month. It doesn't get any easier the longer you stay!
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    lol, comes with the territory, brutha.

    My wrist still isn't right after f***ing it and my hand up on June 9th. I'm talking multiple fractures here, not just like inflammation, lol.

    You'll be alright, man. Take a day if you need to. UPS'll be there when you come back, especially now that you've attained seniority-- but if you like being in unload,

    don't ever, ever tell your supe something like that.
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