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    I started at ups this week and they had me unloading for the first two days then today I was loading the package cars four of them at once which at first I thought I was gonna do bad just had a feeling but, I did really good and after today I hope they keep me loading, well to the point I was gonna make if I go back to unloading tomorrow what goals do I have to set for myself to become a loader thanks...
  2. dragracer66

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    Put your letter in slick....Your just what they're looking for!!!!!
  3. EAM_Master

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    No he's not. If he is that good he'll never get promoted!
  4. Raw

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    EAM Master, your pic creeps me out!
  5. Deuce

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    i have a funny feeling this is a troll account....

    i could be wrong but its a gut feeling...
  6. hoser

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    yugh! me too! :ohmy:
  7. Run On

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    Damn. That is one long sentence!

    . <-This is a period. Try one, they work wonders. Just a thought.
  8. EAM_Master

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    Everyone is creeped out by that pic...lol! It's just some random pic from the net, not really me. I used to tell people it was my HS senior pic!

    I'm not a troll. I'm a 7 year UPS'er, and prolly a lifer:cool:
  9. blue efficacy

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    Goals to set for yourself? Kiss management's ass, and be productive. They'll love you.
  10. hoser

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    never a troll, but a guy who must sift through and keep the most creepiest photos in his browsing cache :lol:
  11. ragu

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    He used enough periods, he just put them all at the end of his message instead of scattering them within....
  12. Ground_Hub_Angel

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    Okay......let me correct this. Yes be nice, but dont be a brown noser. And guess what, not everyone loves a ass kisser or a moocher. Even as just a normal employee i do know a few people that are like that, and the management would rather go a day without seeing them at all then being around them. It gets annoying. Just be yourself and always be willing to work. Management love that **** when you are willing to work, and willing to help. Dont kiss ass it might get u somewhere, but it wont get u as far as just being nice and being yourself will get you. This doesnt apply to everyone btw, some of the employee's especially during holidays at ups arent as productive as others. If you work on preload like i do, or you work where other people impact your packages that are outgoing or whatever sometimes u do have to be firm. Be firm but also be respectful. If you work with a unloader guess what if ur not nice to them they can make ur job more hell then u think lol. So in reference to the fact as far as working with other people always be respectful but if they are keeping you from doing you job efficiently respectfully let them know. If they still are doing there job wrong then let your supervisor know. Whatever u do though dont kiss ass. That doesnt get people as far as being thereselves. Some people think that gets them somewhere when it doesnt management would just rather get rid of them and put them somewhere else instead of them being bothered by the ass kissers 24/7 but then the asskissers think they got somewhere by kissing ass. Its a joke that they think that. Just keep that in mind. L8r
  13. EAM_Master

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    Ok, I changed it. Are you happy now?:confused:1
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    Now if he could do a spellcheck on his signature line........

    I guess I don't know who Lester Burnham is.
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    Lester Burnham.....From American Beauty played by Kevin Spacey...Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation for his daughter's attractive friend.

    Trick...with the internet, there's no reason for not knowing....
  16. blue efficacy

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    Hey pink font, you know what tongue in cheek means? :P
  17. over9five

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    "Hey pink font, you know what tongue in cheek means?"

    ....no, over....too easy.... don't say it...
  18. rod

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    I dare ya ....
  19. hoser

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    Nothing's wrong with saying "Hi manager", "goodnight manager", "how are things manager", "you said i'm not doing well enough, how can i do better, manager?", or "you're overloading the belt, and everyone on the shift is extremely upset, manager". If your co-workers hate you for that, then you work with a bunch of tools.

    Buying the manager coffee and biscotti every night however....

    No :(. I kinda miss that creepy bastard now..

    DO IT! :w00t:
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    yeah, that's Jules Winfield from the movie Pulp Fiction