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  1. so i had an option weekday (4.5 hours) that i didn’t use last year and i was under the impression that on or around May 1st i would get separate check for it. Well it’s now May 8th and my time viewer shows that i have new option weekdays and sick days but no extra check for the unused day.

    Did i loose it?? Local 177
  2. upschuck

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    This is the Friday it would be paid out. Relax.
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    Around here you get an extra check for unused option days and vacations on the last pay period in December. I find it odd that they pay out in the middle of the next year in other places.
  4. upschuck

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    Ours reset may 1st of each year.
  5. KOG72

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    Usually the second week of December here
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    You will get it when we say so!

    End of May, not beginning.
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    They are busy with retro checks right now, your option day might show up in sept.

  8. Yea but would t the check show up under “view paycheck” already like all the other checks
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    Our option days reset on our seniority date.
  10. If I have any left, which I rarely do. I have half of it go into my 401k
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    Thanks David Ramsey
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    I send my option week pay to my 401k every year because I know it will make @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U proud.

  13. Their is an option for that in your 401k
  14. MECH-lift

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    be careful saying 401k, the millennials don’t know what that is ...they think it’s some kind of running marathon
  15. Everything is for free.. don't worry about being a responsible adult and taking care of yourself.
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  17. And if I cared...
    I would wish you a Merry Christmas
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    They owe me 18 years of Option Day backpay
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    Option days are supposed to be a 'use them or lose them' thing. In my building, if you take a day without pay anytime throughout the year, you get your option day pay on the paycheck after they expire. This year, it is the check we will get this week on Friday.
  20. rod

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    I'm puzzled why anyone would have an option day left over at the end of the year? I was under the impression that you all had it so rough you only worked about 3 days a week anyway.