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    Let me first say i love my job at UPS:happy2: But.....there is another upser so far up managements but that I'm getting a little annoyed with the whole thing. This employee(been there over 8yrs) calls off 4 times a month at least and was suppossed to be suspended this last time and the sup decided not to do it. I was wondering if I can file on that probably wouldn't do it just curious about the options. I am ticked that I show up for work everyday and give my honest days work and know if it were me that called in like that a write up would be in my file! When people call off it effects all of us that show up. Now I'm not sayin that its always wrong to call off if you have the flu I don't want it! LOL but the habits of this person are simply crazy at the least! I just feel like everyone should be treated the same even if your brown nosin the higher up browns! Thanks for letting me vent!
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    4 times a month? That's it? I know people who've been working there for as long and take off 3 days a week almost every week if they bother to even show up at all. Once you've worked there 8 years i'm pretty sure you'll start to understand. I'd say stop worrying about others and just worry about you and what you do. I know it effects everyone but at the same time his business isn't yours.

    I'm not the type to take time off either but i work with others who do and it really doesn't bother me whether they come to work or not. I never take it personally.
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    You are right to say not to worry about it but another thing on my mind is the fact it is a premium paid job that others would like to have and I guess i just feel like if they dont want to be there and do the work they shouldn't be. It is up to management to follow the same standards for everyone and this is not whats happening that bothers me more I think........Thanks for your input
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    Nothing you can do, not really any of your business. Be glad you have a great work ethic, it shows!

    And remember, employees like him do us a great favor. If ever you have to take several days off in a month, your management team has established "past practice" in NOT firing/suspending people who do so!
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    Which would rather have? A sup who`s so uptight he documents every time you fart the wrong tune or one who is "tolerant" of someone`s actions? The thing is that someday you might be the other guy. pay attention to what goes on and keep a note book but use it as your ace in the hole when you need it.
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    Very good I like your ace in the hole idea!!:happy2:
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    If you work in a bigger building, then there's usually enough staffing that the management is thrilled to give someone the day off. I agree with most everyone else and say be glad your sup is tolerant, and if they do go and make an example out of you, then you have plenty of ammunition on your side.
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    I applaud your work ethic but, as was mentioned above, this is none of your business.
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    Cheryl, where are you when we need you?????
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    It is the business of Brown4LIfe...If a team member has poor attendance, it effects the team and the sup is not running the business properly. This sup lacks accountability for his/her operation. The absentee is a disruption to those who earn an honest days pay for an honest days pay...It shows favoritism and as expressed by Over9five a "past practice" has been established. Management is not seen as credible in this case and probably adds to the litany of other examples!
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    Thanks I tend to lean on your side a bit I just feel and let me add that I have seen others in trouble for attendence and the rules were followed. I just think its a poor way to run ups and very unfair to those of there that manage to make our way to work when were suppossed to be there. As far as it not being my business it is. When my fellow employees dont show up it adds to my time on the clock,safety issues and the list could go on. Like I said before I would probably never do anything as far as a grievence went but was wanting to know if that was possible. You see this person is one of those that if a sup looks at her funny she is screaming grievence. Bottom line I just wanted to vent and all of your opinions matter to me.
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    You can't grieve, just remember the past practice advice and this will bite the sup in the a#$ in the future and they will look inept to their boss....
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You make some excellent points in your post. There is nothing in there that I can either argue or disagree with.

    I change my mind--it is his business.

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    My friend was like that, called out a lot, asked if someone can do his route, he plain just hated the job. He lasted for 5 years then took all his vacations in May and gave his 2 week notice. (now he's a postmen and loves it, GO FIGURE)

    Anyone that takes that many days off will get a note from the union hall saying they don't have enough hours to continue their health benefits. I think you have to average 32 hours a week per every 3 months (please correct me if I'm wrong)
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    I thought health & welfare just required you to punch in one day per week. Could be wrong.
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    Upstate I am a female.........:wink2:
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    Thought you reminded me of my wife. I mean, the way you're banging your head on the wall that way. Everytime I'm on Brown Cafe she does the same thing.:happy2:
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    Thats funny I just love this place and it is filled with great advice!(Ok I have read some bad to) LOL But for a newbie like me its great its only been seven months but that feels like a lifetime!!:happy2:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    If you let things like this get you all fired up you're heading for an early grave. The success of the sort does not ride totally on your shoulders, let them worry about it and do your normal assignments.
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    Would you prefer everyone being forced to work? Junior drivers getting laid off and displacing part timers?