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I am interviewing this week for the Temporary/Seasonal Delivery driver position here in Springfield OH and had a few concerns. I wanted know what my chances were, if anyone knows, of becoming a permanent employee at the end of the busy season. I would also like to know what the starting pay rate is for delivery drivers and if the starting pay rate is different for new seasonal drivers and new permanent drivers.
Any help would be great. It sounds like a damn good job, but getting laid off doesn't sound so good.




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Your chances of getting hired are about 90%, In NJ drivers helpers make 13.75 an hour. Your chances are also good of becomming a PT worker after peak. (i was hired a week after peak a couple years ago)

we dont really hire drivers off the street, though. gotta put your name on the list.


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For the last 3 years we have hired one summer temp and one peak temp each season. Its possible to get hired on, but during peak you have a lot working against you. Like 200 stops, 10 inches of snow (accidents), delivering out of a rental, lot of things to make you look bad.

If you treat it like an audition and run through a brick wall, without leaving a paper trail of complaints and issues for your driver sup I'd think they would take you. Anyone that can excel during peak season is a good driver.


Peak is the best time to be a ups driver,the pressure to do the job is slightly offset by the fact that a lot of the deliveries are gifts,its fun to see happy customers


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I was hired 20 years ago, so I really don't remember the pay scale differences. I do seem to remember that there wasn't too great of difference in pay when I became permanent.
I do remember having actual classroom training about various aspects of the job with an instructor who seemed competent, if this happens to you soak up everything you can. If you get hired you'll soon find out all training consists of filling out paperwork and brutally inadequate videos when the next day air packages are late.
If you're lucky, you will get roughly the same area to deliver every day. This will help you get familar with both the route and the job. A sign that you are doing a good job will be if they add area to your route towards Christmas Eve.
The chances of you getting hired full time will depend on the volume in your area and the quality of your work during the peak season. I'd also like to add that if you should get in, life will not be roses. Keep your options open.

Best of luck to you.