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    Well it's been about 2 weeks since I was let go from UPS. As you may or may not know:

    1. The sup threw me into the fire after 1 hour of training.
    2. The sup threatened to fire me after only 3.5 hours of total work if I didn't "speed up faster".
    3. The sup let me go after this, and he was not even there to see me.
    4. The sup threw mail bags, and let boxes fall to the floor.

    I called UPS corporate, and come to find out, there is no number or department for employee matters. I told someone about this supervisor, and they acted like they could care less.

    I called the hiring manager for UPS, who works in another Hub, and they could care less as well about this supervisor.

    The FACT of the matter is, even though I was let go, the sup needs to me looked into for the careless way he handles packages.

    Fastforward to today, and things start getting really dirty.

    I worked there a total of about 5 hours, if you count orientation.

    I have called 3 people about me getting paid, and they all give me the run around, they are either at a meeting, gone for the day or "they will return my call".

    This BS has been going on for 4 days.

    To add more salt to the wound, UPS, for the past week, has still posted looking for a package handler (my job). Why in the hell would they let me go, when they don't even have a position filled in my place?
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    this job isn't for everyone and probably would not have been a good fit for you. stay after them about your pay.
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    Have you spoken to the Labor Dept of your state?
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    even if you never get paid, it's worth $42.50 to know that you don't want to work at ups
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    You got fired after the first day. Your not the first and not the last. You said its been about two week. Meaning last Monday was your first and last day. Your check should be ready for you to pick up today or they will mail it to you.

    My update is I'm on vacation with the family in sunny Florida going to Island of Adventure today went to Universal Studios yesterday. All made possible by working at UPS. Did I mention coming back in April and going to Disney.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Nice! Enjoy that warm weather in sunny Florida with your family.
    Working hard has allowed me the same opportunities. Taken family there many times. Even enjoyed a couple long weekends alone with the wife at universal. Sitting on the "porch of indecision" at margaritaville, enjoying a loaded land shark, it two.
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    Boy I wish they had fired me in the first 5 hours.
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    To be honest, I'm skeptical of your story. UPS knows there's a learning curve involved with the job -- even the fastest unloaders don't start off that way -> there is a certain (low) level of skill that takes days to learn -- and typically doesn't dismiss employees after one or two days on the job. Especially given that vast number of alternate jobs available in the building - horrible unloaders may be good at loading, and vice versa.

    Nonetheless, they owe you for the hours worked and you should pursue that (state labor board, etc.) as much as possible.
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    Seriously letting a new hire go at peak, you've got to mess up bad.
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    I've had helpers that didn't last that long.

    Thanked them for coming out as I dropped them back off at their car.
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    that's my guess.... his word against sup's word... good luck!!
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    I'm curious. Are you over 65 years old? A 70lb female? Hell, a minority? Were you whining the whole time? Really makes zero sense. Ramping up to peak, and during, management will bring in the worst of the worst, just to fulfill the body count. Just so long as you do a little work, they just don't seem to care.

    As for handling, that stuff only gets preached in the slow months. It all goes out the window once peak hits. Basically just get it done. The profits will pay for the damages.