UPS’s Union Rejects Labor Contract, Raising Risk of Strike

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    UPS Union Ratifies Labor Deal Even Though Members Turned It Down - Bloomberg
    • Wth low turnout, 54% ‘no’ vote wasn’t enough, Teamsters say
    • Contract approval raises turmoil risk for Hoffa and courier
    United Parcel Service Inc.’s union ratified a five-year labor agreement for employees -- even though a majority of members who voted turned it down.

    The 54 percent “no” vote wasn’t enough to block the deal under union rules since less than half the membership turned out to cast ballots, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said in an emailed statement. With such low participation, two thirds of workers would have had to oppose the deal for the rejection to be valid, the union said.

    “Thus, the National Master Agreement has been ratified,” the Teamsters said.
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    @cheryl I need a hug. Bring it in.
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  4. Well...that's only part of the story

    Many supplements did not pass and they can't shove it up our asses this time

    So suck it Dennis
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  5. quamba 638

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    I wonder what % of all UPS employees have worked here 6 months or less?
  6. DeadOnArrival

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    There's an original thought! The amount of people UPS crammed in our hub to gain seniority from May till a month ago was staggering. The new hires gained seniority and couldn't put up the numbers that supervisors would have burned them for in the past..

    Question is.. were the new ones able to vote? Hope so... I told them all to. :)
  7. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

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    I wonder how many that work here could give two :censored2:s about long term contract issues. This is an spectacular reason on why the PTers should either have their own union or not be allowed to vote.
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    No. The union should have treated part timers better so they actually had a stake in it.
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    Keep bringing me some tissues.:notalone: